Home Economy Because of first class: Swiss can get an Airbus A350

Because of first class: Swiss can get an Airbus A350

Because of first class: Swiss can get an Airbus A350

The Swiss can take delivery of four Airbus A350-900s from an order from Lufthansa. It is said that the main reason for this is the fuselage of the jet plane overlooking the first class.

Will Switzerland receive four Airbus A350s from Lufthansa’s order? At least various factors point to this, such as simple flight It was reported that the Swiss could expect the planes, especially with regard to first class. Because the Airbus fuselage must provide enough space for the premium product, although other Swiss machines, which also come with First Class, are sometimes narrower.

The A350 provides enough space for first-class products

Lufthansa is very satisfied with the Airbus A350, the aircraft is characterized by efficiency and flexibility. Now the twin-jet engine is also supposed to enrich the Swiss subsidiary’s fleet, with first class apparently being the A350’s biggest argument. Because the cabin, or fuselage of the A350, allows the Swiss to install their first-class product required here. A total of four modern Airbus aircraft were planned for the national carrier of Switzerland. In October, the Lufthansa Group announced its desire to modernize the group’s fleet by leasing four more A350-900s. According to media reports, those four planes should fly to Switzerland. Accordingly, the aircraft will be commissioned in the first half of next year.

Lufthansa Airbus A350
Four A350s of the Lufthansa Group could go to Switzerland.

Although there is no official confirmation yet from Switzerland or Lufthansa on this subject, an important fact should speak for the Swiss. Accordingly, the cabin of the A350-900 also allows the Swiss to install the planned first-class product. Accordingly, Swiss CEO Dieter Franks had spoken in favor of the A350 with a first-class goal. For comparison: the A350-900 has a fuselage diameter of 5.61 meters, the A340-300 is 5.28 meters, the A330-300 is 5.26 and the Boeing 777-300ER has a larger diameter of 5.87 meters. All of these aircraft – except for the A350 – are in the Swiss fleet and are first-class. The Ergo, the A350 with the second largest diameter, fits here perfectly.

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In this context, however, Franks’ statements that one reason for the A350’s existence was the wider cabin is confusing, as the cabins of the A330 and A340 are narrower than those of the A350. Especially with regard to the A340 and the Boeing 777, as both aircraft have almost the same first-class product. However, the A330 and Boeing 777 products, for example, are again more different. On “Triple Seven”, for example, the privacy is significantly higher. In the A350’s first class, the product is expected to be something like the 777 – although that’s just speculation.

Conclusion on the prospect of the A350 for Switzerland

It has not been confirmed whether the Swiss will actually receive four Airbus A350s. But there are some factors that talk about that. The latest factor is said to be the A350 fuselage, which would be ideal for the first-class Swiss product. At least if it is to be the same product as on the Boeing 777, which is also a possibility. In the end, one can only speculate until it is officially confirmed.


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