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Third Division: Victoria also lost in Berlin to Macbeth

Third Division: Victoria also lost in Berlin to Macbeth

The best fight in the third division

Victoria also lost in Macbeth

Vittoria Blair jumped on the lying Macbeth player
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Victoria Berlin was unbeaten in the fifth game in a row. Against 1. FC Magdeburg, captains of the third division, the team around coach Muzzicato had good chances, but was eighth in the table. Jonas from Schottberg

Third Division football club Victoria Berlin missed a return to promotion. The promoted team lost 0: 1 (0: 1) to leaders Macbeth on Saturday and were unbeaten in the fifth match in a row. Connor Grembicki (4th minute) took the lead in front of nearly 20,000 spectators at the sold-out stadium in Macbeth, which should not change the course of the game.

Victoria coach Benedetto Musikado had to return to him The high-scoring Tolkien Sikersi was ruled out due to swelling in his leg. The attacking midfielder has already scored six goals this season. There were two more changes to the starting lineup: Victoria played with three human chains as usual, Alexander Hahn replaced the suspended pinger and Moritz Seifert was allowed to attack from the left, while Benjamina had to sit on the bench.

Lightning starts for Macbeth

In the best attacking game in the league against Berlin’s second best attack, the Macbeth team carried out a lightning attack. Within four minutes, Krembiki was completely free to shoot in front of the Berlin goal, and Victoria was not really involved in the game. With a 1-0 lead early on, the hosts supported their dominance this season.

But Victoria quickly shook the initial shock and played bravely. Evolt tried again and again with long balls forward, which were rarely received by his own strikers. Moritz Seifert (13th) had only one good chance, after a strong pass from Enis Coke, Seifert ran into the left well, but the ball was prevented from moving too far forward.

After 20 minutes of play, Berliners’ passports were often inaccurate, so Macbeth’s chances increased again. Through the guest defense Mர்ller (36th) landed ten meters in front of the goal in the free kick, but he missed the big chance and scored the goal.

Crawl keeps Victoria in the game with a fantastic parade

In the first half hour, Victoria McDurburg was allowed to go frequently in her own penalty area, although there was no momentum in the game. McDurburg now has opportunities almost every minute. Alexander Pitroff (42nd) was violently abused for the second time, this time by Julian Crawl in the penalty area, the following sentence being completely correct.

Luka Schuler (44th) fight against Julian Krall Name and winner Berliner. Crawl jumped to the right corner and caught a half-high shot in the right corner, strong saving from the keeper.

Strange picture in the second half

After the break, Victoria were very dangerous and Falcao (47th) had a great chance one and a half minutes before the empty Macbeth goal. The ball came from the left and Falcao took some time off.

The first quarter of the second half belonged to the guests and the balance was not far off after a superb ball on Joebeck (61.) Seifert’s run. But McDurburg’s Rayman was able to destroy the decision made by the hoe and the ball rolled over the outer net. As a result, both teams had good chances, but could not use either of them.

Victoria must wait for victory

In the final quarter Victoria pressed more and more and deserved a draw. Shortly before the end (82nd) ​​there was another long ball from Berlin’s best method midfield in the game to the opponent’s penalty area, but Janice Becker did not hit the ball properly and it went too far towards the goal.

The McDurburg team should have set the decision (87th) Jason Seka could have done it himself, but when Berlin keeper Crawl was already on the field, he gave the ball back to Guy Brunker in front of the goal. But Bronker blocked almost 100 percent of the chance.

This is the ninth win of the current season for Macbeth. Victoria will have to wait for a win after five games in a row, but can provide a boost especially in the next game against Dortmund II in the second half.

Broadcast: rbb Berlin, October 23, 2021, 2 p.m.

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