Casten Maschmeyer's son married: Cruel TV lion shines with pride - people

This celebration made “Lions” shine…

On Friday afternoon, Marcel, 32, the son of “Höhle der Löwen” investor Carsten Maschmeyer, 62, married Marie.

Maschmeyer Senior proudly posted photos of YES on Instagram and wrote, very touched by happiness: “Today I am just a proud father – and father-in-law! Marcel and Marie, I wish you all the best with all my heart.”

Asad continues on TV, “I still remember your first steps, your first day at school… and now this other important step in your life! I’m so happy that you two found each other and we can accompany you on your common life path.”

After saying yes, a wonderful party was celebrated with many guests.

Maschmeyer came to the wedding with his wife Veronica Ferris (56) and their daughter Lily Krug (20). Actress Ferris also posts wedding photos on her Instagram account. She wrote “Love Is Everywhere”.

In a selfie, Machmeyer and Fries laugh in front of the town hall in Hanover. This place has a very special meaning for the couple, because here they got married in a small group seven years ago. Then followed the big celebration magically in the south of France.

“This awakens memories,” the entrepreneur exclaimed.

Cool Double: They married in 2014 at the Town Hall Photo: veronicaferres / Instagram

Ferris' daughter Lily Krug in a dark blue dress next to the bride

Ferris’ daughter Lily Krug in a dark blue dress next to the bridePhoto: m.nikitaa / Instagram

“Love Is Everywhere” – TV star Veronica collaborates with her daughter-in-law MariePhoto: veronicaferres / Instagram

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