Home entertainment At ESC, Anne-Sophie got zero points – has the shock been overcome?

At ESC, Anne-Sophie got zero points – has the shock been overcome?

At ESC, Anne-Sophie got zero points – has the shock been overcome?

“Shame!” , “Disaster!”: Anne-Sophie Dormayer (30) was still stuck in devastating headlines in the past when she watched her coach, “The Voice of Germany.” In 2015, the musical actress represented Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest and could not get a single point – the last place! After that, I thought: “That’s all there is to it.” Nobody wants to work with a loser. And while she’s still composing music again, she doubts “every day for the past six years whether I’ve been good enough”. At the end of “The Voice” broadcast, viewers were able to get an idea of ​​him…

Before that, they saw animal rights activist Daniel Hellman, 35, who was cast as fictional Soya the Cow and couldn’t win a coach with his performance of the a-ha song “Take On Me,” but applauded for his appeal against brutal factory farming. – An increasingly acidic Mark Forster (38). “Sarah Connor is just annoying,” he summed up his displeasure with his new teammate, The Voice (41).

Their crime? She was very popular with the most promising candidates. Whether it’s rocker player Oliver Zinhebel (27) or 19-year-old influencer Luna Farina – many coaches wanted to attract talent to their team, but more often than not Sarah got the job.

The street musician conquers the hearts of the coach in seconds

No wonder Mark was so thrilled when Connor admitted after the appearance of Australian resident Chris Gugler (31) that “I’m really annoyed that I didn’t push.” Classic “I want to dance with someone (who loves me)”. When Chris also said, “I was going to pick you up anyway,” Mark seemed to briefly reconcile with the world.

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In general, his criticism in this episode was only partially justified: street musician Will Church (27), for example, who convinced all four coaches in seconds with his version of Duncan Lawrence’s song “Arcade,” decided chick coach Nico Santos. (28). He also caught the highly talented duo of Barbara Buchberger (28) and Julia Winkler (24). And with songwriter Martin Polege (27), who sang “The Stones” for Joris, it was Johannes Oerding who snatched his dream candidate away from Mark.

Tears of Anne Sophie, a participant in ESC

And what about the mentioned Sophie Anne? The singer, who fell into self-doubt after defeating the ESC, admitted that it took her “a lot of courage to come here today”. Courage Rewarded: Once George Gershwin’s classic ‘Summertime’ got underway until she got “instant whistles,” said presenter Thor Schullermann (37): After just five seconds, Sarah was almost simultaneously transformed into Nico, followed shortly thereafter by Mark and finally Johannes. A satisfied smile crossed Anne-Sophie’s face, and at the end she wept with joy and there was a warm applause from the coaches.

Then the roar began – each of the four wanted to lure her to join his team. Johannes even admitted that he fell in love with Anne-Sophie. But Sarah pulled her ass off her sleeve: “Do we want to sing something together?” “No!” Johannes and Nico shouted. – And in the duet “Summer” that followed, the three coaches left their seats knowing full well that the matter had been decided.

A little hope flashed briefly at Johannes – “It would be great if you went to me now!” – But soon she was disappointed: “I want to see you, Sarah!” Given the women’s very impressive performance, Mark’s annoyance was over – like the other two men, he too applauded for the new team.

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