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Arabellas True Crime: Arabella Kiesbauer returns today on TLC

Arabella Many people in Germany associate the name with Ilona Kristen, Andreas Türk, Hans Meiser and Brett in particular. TV talk shows On the afternoon program, as there was an abundance of German television in the late 1990s and early 2000s. But after the noise of the afternoon television talk, she was calm, too: Arabella Kissbauer.

From 1994 to 2004, she shaped Germany’s talk show scene with her show, Arabella. Now, Kiesbauer, who has worked primarily in her native Austria since her Pro7 career in Germany, is back on TV. Through the currently popular genre in many podcasts and magazines: True Crime. “Arabellas Crime Time – Crime on the Horizon” Thus, it is the name of the new Kisspower program that appears according to the radio station’s announcement TLCThe dramatic stories behind horrific crimes are spreading very quickly.

and continues in one A message from TLC about “Arabellas True Crime”: “From professional surveillance equipment to hand-held cameras – someone is always watching. Breathtaking clips of kidnappings, robberies, car chases and other violent crimes generate millions of views. But this documentary series goes beyond the thrilling material of the film to tell the whole story.”

Arabellas True Crime: Time to Send, Sender, Broadcast

  • Broadcasting: Arabellas true crime
  • sender: TLC
  • time: 10:15 pm
  • Started: 22.09.2021
  • number of episodes: 20 (striped)
  • episode: 1
  • Type: real crime
  • Mediator: Arabella Kissbauer

In addition to the true crime of Arabella, Kissbauer presents another crime series

In addition, Discovery Germany, which is commissioning the production, announced “Media” that another true crime series with Kessbauer is already being planned. Starting in December, “The Time of Arabellas Crime – Chaos in Court” will be shown on TLC. In it, the makers of the film, introduced by Kisbauer, deal with accidents in American courtrooms. In addition to video materials from the negotiations, defense attorneys, witnesses and relatives said their views.

In both programs, Arabella Kiesbauer is said to be a program Media Report To be the linking element between witness reports, original recordings, and classification of events. “Arabellas Crime Time” is produced by Discovery Germany under the supervision of Tatiana LajewardVP Programming & Content, und Claudia Smicala, Executive Producer.

Arabella Kisbauer: Here’s what the presenter has to say about her new crime show

“Real crimes have a certain attraction to me and many other viewers,” Kisbauer told Münchner Merkur and TZ newspapers on Wednesday. “You carry yourself a little and at the same time you are happy when nothing like this happens to you.”

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Kiesbauer moderated the “Arabella” afternoon lecture on Pro7 from 1994 to 2004 and “Stars in the Manege” for ARD. In Austria, it offers formats such as “Bauer sucht Frau” and “The Masked Singer Austria”

Arabella Kiesbauer: children, age, place of residence, Instagram

  • Real name: Cosima Arabella-Asereba Eblinger
  • Birthdate: April 8, 1969
  • Modification: 52
  • Place of birth: Vienna
  • Place of residence: Vienna
  • Nationality German
  • Spouse: Florence Eblinger
  • Kinder: Nika Eblinger, New Eblinger
  • Instagram: ArabPlacepower
  • Humbagi: Arabella


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