Singer Pietro Lombardi posts a new clip on his Instagram account


Is Pietro Lombardi back on social media? The singer announced a new reel – what is behind this mysterious message?

Cologne – In July, singer Pietro Lombardi decided to withdraw from the world of social media and take a break. He did not withdraw from the general public, because he was on tour in the summer – he gave regular concerts in the open air. He also made a brief comeback on Instagram when his manager and best friend Stefano Zarella got engaged. Now the 28-year-old singer has announced a new reel on his Instagram story.

Pietro Lombardi on Instagram: “I’ve been living in the hotel for two months”

But what’s behind the announcement that Pietro Lombardi posted on his Instagram story? The singer’s first words were “I’ve been living in the hotel for months.” He has also deleted all his posts on his social media account, and no photo or video can be seen anymore. Is he announcing a new song? Or will he soon come with surprising news? His fans can and should be ready for something. Now there are already some rumors speculating on the many fan pages of the singer. The truth is, the 29-year-old posts regular reels on his account even before he even takes a break from social media. From a new song to a whole new project. There is a lot of speculation. But he hasn’t really come out yet – not yet.

Musician Pietro Lombardi announced a new reel on his Instagram story


Pietro Lombardi With A Mysterious Message – Should His Fans Be Worried?

Back in July, when the singer announced his break on social media, he admitted that he needed a break and that he wasn’t feeling well. His fans are worried – that Pietro Lombardi living in a hotel for two months does not make him any better. On Tuesday, September 14, at around 7 p.m., the 29-year-old will announce in a reel what this mysterious message is.

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