Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron call for vigilance against COVID-19

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12h 05 : Tic Tac, 12 Hours On The Clock Before your well-deserved lunch break, let’s take a look at the news.

• Pediatricians are calling for the end of the inner mask for primary school students. Follow the latest developments in the epidemic on our direct website.

• Cedric Jubilard, husband of Delphine Jubilar, was brought before a judge after his imprisonment was lifted. The public prosecutor of Toulouse is scheduled to hold a press conference at 4 pm.

• Iranians are electing a new president today. Offices have been open since 4:30 a.m. France time, and we summarize everything you need to know about this election.

• Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands have already qualified for the round of 16. 3 pm, a place in Sweden and Slovakia, which you can follow thanks to franceinfo sport.

11 h 59 Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced that the mask will no longer be mandatory outdoors in Spain from June 26.

12h 05 : good morning Tweet embed, this is not true. The AstraZenca vaccine is highly effective against Covid-19. on the other side, British Swedish laboratory just announced (in English) That the treatment he was working on to treat Covid-19 was ineffective. So these are two completely different medical procedures.

11:48 am : I have taken note of the information that the AstraZeneca laboratory was to announce two days before the ineffectiveness of its vaccine. True or fake?

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11 h 59 : But the British shocker must have a slight adaptation. Usually, Scots find themselves in Trafalgar SquareIn London during every meeting between the two countries. This time, the number of people gathered will be limited. “Only people with a ticket” The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has warned against reaching the fan zone.

10h09 : Do you still have many crazy questions about vaccination? So feel free to refer to the frequently asked questions specially prepared by our journalists on this topic.

09h46 : Facing a sharp increase in Covid-19 cases in the Russian capital, the mayor of Moscow has decided to close “For a while, group entertainment events (…) and dance venues and a fan zone” Where fans can follow the matches of Russia.

(Alexander Astafeev / Sputnik / Agence France-Presse)

09h31 : good morning @stefanYes, always and across the country. “Wearing a mask is mandatory inside public places. A mask is also mandatory outside, except in cases where you are isolated from people who do not live with you.”, specified Italian National Tourism Agency.

09h28 : Hi and in Italy do you still need the mask?

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08h49 : Hi FI, a little question about stopping to wear the mask outside because there is still a doubt for me: is it still mandatory during ‘gatherings’ to get in and out of school??? Because this morning 3/4 of the parents no longer wear them when I was bringing my son to primary school even though we are dozens of adults and kids together at the same time and very close 🤔🤔 Thank you for your answer.


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