COVID-19: a toll-free number launched to vaccinate the elderly

A case for improving immunization coverage for the elderly. While more than 500,000 people over 80 have yet to receive the lowest dose of the vaccine in France, nearly a year after the start of the campaign, the Ministry of Health is accelerating. This Tuesday, he announced the launch of a free number dedicated exclusively to this age group.

The government is concerned about lower vaccination coverage for over 80s – 87% – lower than other categories. ‘At the age of 85, the risk of hospitalization and severe forms is greater’Ministry recalls. “These people are not followed by a therapist and have difficulty moving around.”

Since then, many solutions have been put in place by the executive branch, such as home vaccination or sending reserved boxes to centers. The toll-free number available at 0800730957 completes the arsenal of measures directed at the elderly, who are more likely to contract the disease. The Ministry of Health specifies that this line is open daily from six in the morning until ten in the evening.

The person who will be vaccinated himself can reach the operator via this number, but also A family caregiver, home helper, or other person willing to help an elderly person, refers to the Ministry. On the other side of the line, several solutions can be proposed: a home vaccination, an appointment with the attending physician, or with the city nurse.

While the flu vaccination campaign began last week, the government specifies that this toll-free number remains reserved for the number assigned against Covid-19. And it’s not a panacea either: “It’s a lever among other things.”

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