Home entertainment Andrea Berg: A surprise for your fansعجب

Andrea Berg: A surprise for your fansعجب

Andrea Berg: A surprise for your fansعجب

Because of the pandemic, it recently looked as if Andrea Berg and her fans had to dispense with the legendary home match again and thus wait another year. But now a great consolation has just been announced.

There will be a very special home game this year! Under the theme “Wake Up and Dance – Special House Game 2021”, Andrea Berg will celebrate with her fans on four evenings (9/16/17/24 July 2021, each starting at 8:30pm) spontaneously.

Andrea Berg: 4 evenings, 2000 fans

In compliance with the hygiene measures currently in place There can be 2,000 fans in the “WIRmachenDRUCK Arena”. This is made possible through close cooperation with the district office in the district of Rems-Murr and the municipality of Aspach – as a pilot project, the events are intended to provide important information for other events in the district.

Andrea Berg: She is sad for her village قر

Andrea Berg: This is how you get tickets

No one expected that anymore. Andrea Berg and her entire team want to set an example. There is a separate advance reservation for the very intimate game of the house in 2021. All fans who have received a ticket for the match at their home originally planned in 2020 and 2021 will receive a right of pre-emption between now and June 15, 2021 inclusive. The maximum number of pre-purchased match tickets can be requested. This is in the above period by email Maybe. The email should include a photo of the match ticket already purchased, the day requested for the private home game and contact addresses including the phone number of the respective visitors. Why all this effort? Tickets must be issued in person as part of hygiene procedures. If tickets are still available for free sale after the pre-order stage, they will be available from 16 June 2021 at www.andrea-berg.de. A great campaign that shows Andrea Berg’s supporters being rewarded for their loyalty and patience. hats!


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