Lamborghini Sian FKP37 1:1 Lego-Modell

Lego recreated the Lamborghini Sian FKP37 in the original format. The life-size sports car is made of more than 400,000 elements from the Lego Technic set. We have details on how to develop and build the Plastic Fighting Bull.

In 2020, Lego has already released a model of the Lamborghini Sian FKP37 in 1: 8 format. Now there is an Italian athlete one size larger – or rather, two sizes larger. The Danish toy manufacturer has reproduced the bright green V12 racer with its original dimensions: 4.98 meters long, 2.10 meters wide, 1.13 meters high and weighed 2,200 kilograms.

The Special Projects Workshop in Kladno, Czech Republic, is responsible for the creation of the Lambos Terminal Block. Over the past few months, 15 Lego designers have developed a blueprint for a version of the car. 5,370 man-hours were executed in the development process alone. Another 3,290 hours passed before the Sian was finally put on his four wheels in a 1:1 format.

The structure has evolved into a real mega project. There are a total of 400,000 Lego Technic pieces in the model. For comparison: The 1:8 version of Lambos consists of only 3,626 items. For the older brother, the designers used 154 different components from the Technic range. 20 of them had to be made specifically for the Sian Project.

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In order to form the outer skin and have as closed a surface as possible, the artboards were grouped together to form hexagonal elements and the offset arrangement side by side. The back and front lighting units are also formed from Technic building blocks. LED lights make the clear plastic stones shine. Only the 20-inch wheels in the “Aesir” design are not made of Lego. They are borrowed from the original car.

Lamborghini Cyan - LEGO - 1: 1-Model - 2021

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The interior of the Lamborghini Sian has also been faithfully reproduced.

The Lego builders have also worked on the interior design with great attention to detail. The steering wheel is flat on the bottom and bears, like the original, the Italian flag as well as the brand logo. Air vents and buttons can be seen on the dashboard. The sports seats with their wide side bolsters are also designed in true Sian style.

Large sized Lego exhibits usually fade quickly in sunlight. In this case, the toy manufacturer had painters from the Lamborghini factory in Sant’Agata Bolognese come in to brush the entire model with a special UV-protection varnish. So viewers can enjoy the high volume game for a long time.


The level of detail of the Lego model leaves the viewer amazed. The angular shape of the fighting bull perfectly matches the angular character of the plastic stone sets. But at the latest, when the originally 6.5-liter 785-hp V12 vacuum cleaner was revived, the Lego-made fixed-wing counterpart could no longer keep up.

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