Delta confirms opening of the first Delta One showroom

Delta Airlines confirms the opening of its first Delta One lounge. A lounge for premium airline customers.

The first Delta One lounge will open at New York JFK Airport in 2023 and will be available exclusively to Business Class passengers Executive Traveler. In 2024, the airline plans to open a second terminal in Los Angeles.

The first lounge at New York JFK Airport will open in 2023

There has long been speculation that Delta Air Lines would like to open new premium lounges for its Delta One business class customers. There were many indications of this move and now the airline has officially confirmed these plans. Next year, the first Delta One lounge will open exclusively for business class customers at New York JFK Airport. In 2024, a year later, there will be a second lounge in Los Angeles. After major competitors American Airlines and United Airlines have a main lounge and Polaris terminal at Los Angeles Airport, the third major American airline will follow suit in two years.

Luxe Sky Club Bar 2
Delta Sky Club Bar in Los Angeles

The lounge is located at JFK in Concourse B near Terminal 4. It will only be available to Business Class customers, who will have a large area of ​​3,300 square metres. In contrast to the current Delta lounges, which bear the SkyClub name, Delta Airlines offers a much higher level of service and comfort than the Delta One lounges.

LAX Sky Club Skydeck 1
Delta Sky Club Skydeck in Los Angeles

In 2024, a second Delta One lounge will open in Los Angeles on the departure level between Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. The highlight of the 929-square-meter lounge is the Sky Deck, which is open all year. From there, travelers see not only the parade ground and boardwalk, but also the Hollywood Hills. In the lounge there will be not only “ordinary” amenities such as food and drink. In addition, there will be telephone booths and meeting rooms for business purposes, as well as larger restrooms and showers. A time period for bathing can be reserved via a virtual queue.

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Conclusion about the new Delta One lounge

The new Delta One lounges will take business class travel to a new level with Delta Air Lines. With locations in New York and Los Angeles, Delta chooses central hubs. It’s time for the airline to open up new premium lounges. Rivals American Airlines and United Airlines are much earlier with the Polaris Main Terminal and the Polaris Lounge. We look forward to the opening and will provide more details.

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