Home Top News America is the largest producer of global human rights disasters – Chinese portal in your language

America is the largest producer of global human rights disasters – Chinese portal in your language

America is the largest producer of global human rights disasters – Chinese portal in your language

On March 24, the Chinese government released a report on human rights violations in the United States in 2020, which provided detailed facts and figures on the deteriorating human rights situation in the United States. The world can thus clearly see the superpower arbitrarily imposing sanctions on other countries as the biggest producer of global human rights disasters and the greatest threat to global security and stability.

Last year, the United States showed the worst human rights record. The death toll from COVID-19 has so far exceeded 540,000, ethnic conflicts have largely occurred and political polarization has deepened … The chaos in the United States has completely torn the waist of American human rights and exposed the hypocrisy and duplicity of human rights issues.

Prior to an epidemic around the world, the previous US government deviated from scientific and rationalist policies, pursuing a policy of “American first” and promoting segregation and unilateralism, the greatest obstacle to global unity in the fight against the epidemic. Seeing that the epidemic was no longer under control in his own country, the Trump administration announced that it was withdrawing from the World Health Organization, avoiding responsibility by using other countries and the World Health Organization as a “sacrifice.”

Although the Biden administration has announced its return to the WHO after taking office, the outside world is still skeptical that the United States will actually fulfill its obligations and responsibilities. The White House has repeatedly stated that “the United States will not share the COVID-19 vaccine with other countries until it can ensure that all Americans complete the vaccine.” In the face of growing pressure from the outside world, the United States recently said it would supply 2.5 million doses and 1.4 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine to Mexico and Canada, but both countries will have to “repay” the appropriate vaccines this year.

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In addition, the United States is imposing strict sanctions that exacerbate the humanitarian crisis. According to the Chinese White Paper, prior to the outbreak, the US government imposed unilateral sanctions against Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, Syria and other countries, making it difficult for those countries to obtain the medical supplies needed to deal with the epidemic. The method of following the time. UN Senior human rights officials called in March last year for the United States to ease or lift sanctions on special areas to ensure the survival of millions of people in distress. But America is deaf.

The coldness of American politicians is also reflected in the attitude towards immigrants in extraordinary times. According to official U.S. figures, as of January 21, 2021, the U.S. A total of 8,848 people were diagnosed with COVID-19 at immigration prevention facilities. In October last year, the Los Angeles Times published an article stating that since March last year, the U.S. government has deported at least 8,800 unsupported illegal immigrants, regardless of the risk of the epidemic.

Although infamous in the field of human rights, Washington acts as a “human rights teacher”. In recent days, the United States has added some Western allies to Xinjiang and Hong Kong for slandering Chinese policy, defaming Chinese human rights issues and launching so-called “sanctions” against China, which has been condemned by many countries. At the recent 46th session of the UN Human Rights Council, representatives from 116 countries attended the UN General Assembly. Together with agencies and voluntary organizations, they put forward 347 projects to promote human rights in the United States. What is the face of America, the biggest producer of global human rights disasters, pointing the finger at other countries ?!

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