Russia should use more combat dolphins to secure its Crimean fleet

Russia reportedly increased the number of fighting dolphins guarding the Sevastopol naval base. It is said that as many as seven animals are on patrol now.

Russia appears to fear further attacks on its Black Sea fleet’s port of Crimea and has beefed up a very special unit. The number of fighting dolphins that patrol there has reportedly doubled.

According to a report by Navalnews, three to four trained dolphins have been used for military purposes so far. New analyzes should show that there are now as many as seven animals guarding the important port. According to the report, those must either be on the road more often or Russia has expanded the area to guard.

The expansion of the Dolphins unit may have been in response to an attack on the port in October last year. At this time, drones attacked a frigate and a minesweeper in Sevastopol.

On the boat to the workplace

The port of Crimea is of strategic importance for Russia because the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet is located here. Dolphins are only part of the defense. According to Navalnews, a surveillance vessel is stationed in front of the port, and helicopters and speedboats fly over regularly. In addition, there is anti-missile and radar control. Dolphins are said to swarm inside an anti-ship barrier in case divers manage to breach it. It appears that they were transported to their place of work in small boats, protected by a special tent.

Dolphins are also used by other countries for military purposes. Similar programs have been reported by the USA and Sweden, and Israel and North Korea are also said to be using them.


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