Duchess Meghan: Presidential ambitions?  Napoleon, of all people, could have prevented it!

that Megan Herzogen (40, born Meghan Markle), wife Prince Harry (37), politically active, is no longer a secret. Megan has been lobbying for social and family policy in the United States for a long time. Among other things, she meets senators and advocates for paid parental leave. In doing so, she supports the reform package planned by US President Joe Biden, who wants to make changes to social and environmental law.

But that’s not all: Tom Power, a British journalist and royal biographer, thinks Meghan is likely to aspire to the presidency. He told British media that the Duchess’ candidacy in 2024 was “possible and I think it is possible”. The American media assumes that Megan is currently working on communicating in American politics in order to raise funds later to run for president. Meghan has yet to publicly confirm this intention.

Meghan recently surprised her with a new look. In the video you can see the stark change.

Amendment to the Constitution: There is no federal office with a foreign title

The political ambitions within the British royal family are likely to be acknowledged with a wrinkle on the nose. Because: In Great Britain, members of the royal family have traditionally been kept out of politics. Meghan’s political commitment is up to date. Now, of all things, her membership in the British nobility could prove fatal – and cost her a run for president.

As a Native American, Meghan is essentially entitled to run. But a 211-year-old amendment to the US Constitution could thwart her plans: The Constitutional Amendment titles of the Gentlemen’s Amendment – in German: “Amendment to Adelstiteln” – was drafted in 1810 and was intended to prevent Napoleon’s nephew in the United States coming to power. The proposal states that no person who “accepts, claims, receives or retains a title of nobility conferred by a foreign power” may not hold a federal office in the United States.

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If the order appears on the table, Duchess Meghan’s dream may explode

When Jerome, Napoleon Bonaparte’s younger brother, married American Elizabeth Patterson in 1803, her son was expected to run for president of the United States. It was feared that the United States would thus be incorporated into the French Empire. The constitutional amendment was proposed in Congress and submitted to the individual state parliaments. But: only twelve out of the necessary 14 parliamentarians gave their consent.

The amendment never entered into force, but it was also not rejected. If the document is redeemed again, the twelve yes votes cast still apply. Then there is another 26 votes to accept the amendment. If the constitutional amendment returns to the table after 211 years, Duchess Meghan could be removed from the presidency.


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