Traditional fights between MSV Duisburg and Waldorf Mannheim The 17th game day in Division 3 starts at 7pm on Friday. Here, the third house from the bottom ranks sixth. The Zealots scored several points in 16 encounters, while the Blue-blacks scored 24 points in 15 appearances.

MSV Duisburg vs. Waldhof Mannheim: You can get the required Magenta Sport subscription here

Duisburg has lost six of its last nine championship matches. The other side of the coin is that MSV has hit four of the last home games they have ever played. A 3-2 win over fourth-placed Braunschweig. This was followed by a 1: 1 victory over Kaiser Slatter with new coach Hagen Schmidt over Victoria Berlin 1: 0. On November 20, the Zealots lost 2: 3 in 1860.

A day later, Waldorf Mannheim drove 3: 3 against Osnabrook. The team, coached by Patrick Klogner, went undefeated for the second time in a row with a score of 1: 2 in Freiburg II. 2020/2021 Direct battles of the 3rd Division ended in a draw. MSV Duisburg drew 2-2 with Waldhof Mannheim and drew 1-1 at home.

The MSV Duisburg – Waldorf Mannheim clash will take place in the 3rd division tonight at 7 p.m. Cole provides you with live broadcast on TV and all the information about live stream, live ticker and lineups.

MSV Duisburg vs. Waldhof Mannheim: The main data of the game at a glance


MSV Duisburg v Waldoff Mannheim


Friday, November 26, 2021


7 p.m.


Shinesland-Raisen-Arena (Duisburg)

Watch the MSV Duisburg vs. Waldhof Mannheim match live on TV today: 3rd League broadcast

The third channel of ARD holds the broadcasting rights for the 3rd division. It allows you to enjoy the broadcast of certain games on free TV every round. This begs a reasonable question: what about it MSV Duisburg vs. From the Waldhof Mannheim game?

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MSV Duisburg – Waldhof Mannheim is not live on free TV today: that’s the reason

The goal is to deceive yourself, especially if you are a fan of Duisburg or Waltoff. This is because Magenta Sport has the exclusive rights to broadcast the game between zebras and blue-blacks.

As for the 3rd episode of ART Broadcasters, you can watch some of the games scheduled for Saturday at 2 p.m. Magenta Sport also owns exclusive rights to most of these tournaments.

MSV Duisburg vs. Waldhof Mannheim live on TV today at Magenta Sport

So on Friday the 17th match we have to watch the game in the third highest category MSV Duisburg vs. A subscription to Waldhof Mannheim. It should be placed under the roof before starting. You can choose between annual and monthly subscription. With Magenta Sport, telecom customers pay around யூ 60 for an annual contract and 95 9.95 for a monthly contract. Non-telecom customers pay twice as much for the annual subscription, 120 120, at the table. A monthly subscription of 16.95 euros is also available.

With a twelve month contract period, you are bound for a long time, but you are cheap for a month. Here You can find all information about subscriptions at Magenta Sport. As his client, you have the opportunity to enjoy all the matches of the 3rd Division live for at least a month. Most of them take place on Saturdays at 2pm, so the pay broadcaster presents a conference in each round. But at this point write down the key data for broadcasting the match between MSV Duisburg and Waldhof Mannheim:

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Watch MSV Duisburg – Waldhof Mannheim live stream today

It just so happens that you do not have a TV set. But there is a solution to this in terms of Magenta Sport. The paid TV provider broadcasts them all Sport events through live stream. This also applies to Waldorf Mannheim’s traditional fight against Division 3 MSV Duisburg. And thank you for a collaboration A football No subscription required. If you install the football platform app and pay 2.99 euros, you can watch the zebras’ home game against blue-black in the same way.

Stay updated on MSV Duisburg and Waldhof Mannheim with Live-Ticker: The Goal Makes It Possible

In addition, it is natural that you do not have a suitable internet connection or you do not have enough time. Especially if you are in situations like this Goals Live-ticker Duisburg – Waldorf Helped. You do not have to read all the Bush notifications. So you will always be in the picture about wins, scoring opportunities, cards and changes.

Watch MSV Duisburg and Waldhof Mannheim on TV and live stream: 3rd League airs like this

I Pay-TV:

Magenta Games

I Live Stream:

Magenta Sports / Onefootball

I Live-Ticker:

The goal

MSV Duisburg vs. Waldhof Mannheim: Rows for the 3rd League

MSV Duisburg List:

Wine Purchase – Quadvo, Flexstein, Feltcher Martinez, Steer – Ajani, Stoppelcomb, Stirlin, Fry – Bauhatos, Ademi

Waldhof Mannheim begins:

Koenigsmann – Somerset, Seagert, Verlot, Doncore – Castley, Hoker – Boyamba, Sagiri, Schnauter – Martinovic


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