Aloha dialect became a hit
Achim Richelle celebrates a surprising success in China

30 years ago, Achim Reichel conquered the German charts with the song of the sailor “Aloha Hija Hi”. At first, the singer couldn’t believe the song was going through the roof in China. Behind the trend on Tiktok video platform.

Musician Akim Reichel achieved surprising success in China with his song “Aloha Hija Hi”. 30 years after its release, the shacks song has become the #1 on music recognition app Shazam. “I thought I was dreaming,” 77-year-old Rachel said on NDR Radio when his record label congratulated him on the success.

However, there is no campaign or marketing strategy behind it: “The song did everything on its own,” the singer happily said. The Chinese version of the short video platform Tiktok, on which the song went viral recently, is likely responsible for the song’s popularity.

TikTok star “Classmate Zhang” with over 16 million followers first posted a video there in October in which he used the song as background music. Since then, he has incorporated the song into other videos that have been watched millions of times. Many Tiktok users have also used the song in their short videos.

Curious Douyin users, as Tiktok is called in China, may have used Shazam to learn more about popular background music, which explains the number one spot. However, in other Chinese music charts, “Aloha Hija Hee” has not yet reached the top.

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