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After Amazon was kicked out: The China manufacturer is back


Will You Follow Amazon’s Next Cleanup? The sales giant has banned a well-known Chinese company known for its cheap smart home devices: Govee.

Update, April 4, 2022: Govee products are back on Amazon. An official statement regarding return and specific reasons for temporarily unavailable products is still pending. According to Smart Home Assistant Perhaps there was a lot of similarity in the design of the packaging with Philips Hue products.

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There are a lot of things that don’t run smoothly on Amazon. An online retailer has to regularly deal with product piracy, inappropriate item descriptions, and purchased reviews. The latter has led to the banning of a number of well-known Chinese merchants in the past year – for example Aukey, Ravpower or Gosund. Another could follow with Govee.

Govee by Amazon: Smart Home Products Are No Longer Available

The The Chinese manufacturer’s smart home products have completely disappeared from Amazon. While the brand’s online page remains within Amazon, all Govee products will be marked as “Currently out of stock.” A search for Govee also returned no results.

Govee products are no longer available on Amazon (Image source: Amazon)

Govee offers connected home products and has made a name for itself with its smart room lighting, which also works with Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant and often offers excellent value for money.

According to Caschy .’s blog There is already a statement from Govee. Accordingly, it is a normal review of the European store. these It can take several days They are working with Amazon to complete the review as soon as possible.

Amazon Prime offers several advantages:

Govee does not give reasons for review

The It looks a bit vague and opaqueGovee did not explain the reasons Amazon gave for the “review” of the European store. Were there any complaints from competitors? Are reviews of purchased products to blame? The Chinese manufacturer is silent – and therefore only feeds speculation.

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