Home Tech Action RPG generates over 5 million

Action RPG generates over 5 million

Action RPG generates over 5 million

Ascent Action RPG grossed over $5 million in its opening weekend alone!

Curve had its biggest sales ever in its opening weekend this weekend. More than $5 million has been generated.

In addition, Neon Giant’s The Ascent took first place in the Steam global charts. More than 1,700 channels on YouTube and Twitch have streamed the gameplay, generating over 10 million views.

90% of the world’s Level 1 publications cover the role-playing game Cyberpunk, the premiere title from the Swedish independent Neon Giant. With that said, The Ascent climbed to the top ten in one-day PR coverage in 2021 and is on par with other AAA titles.

“The Ascent is the first game from Curve in which our new team has been able to make a significant contribution through close collaboration with the developer and our platform partners. Curve CEO John Clark commented on this success as the result of a true team effort across the company, and the arrival of new leaders and talent It reflects our new approach to putting developer and player first in everything we do.

Curve’s launch campaign focused heavily on community engagement, with the game quickly becoming a must-have title for content creators, influencers, and broadcasters, potentially driving hype and awareness to the title in the run-up to its launch weekend.

“We are overwhelmed by the positive response from the community and from all of our players. As a small team of twelve, The Ascent has put a huge effort to develop it, and we can’t say how grateful we are to everyone who played the game and gave us feedback,” said Neon Jayant.

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