According to ADAC, diesel cost more than 1.60 euros for the first time on Tuesday

DrFor the first time, the iesel crossed the €1.60 mark on the national average daily. The cost of fuel on Tuesday was 1.601 euros per liter, the Abu Dhabi Airports Company announced Wednesday. This is 1.6 cents more than last week. Premium gasoline from the E10 range costs €1.672 a liter, which is 1.7 cents more than last week – but the all-time high from 2012 is still a short 3.7 cents.

The increase is particularly significant when compared over the course of the year. In January 2021, diesel was still about 37 cents a liter cheaper on average monthly than Tuesday. With the Super E10, the difference is 32 cents.

The rise in fuel prices comes on the heels of the recent rise in oil prices. And the trend may continue – on Wednesday, the two major crudes, Brent and West Texas Intermediate, hit their highest levels in seven years.

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In response to rising fuel prices, many Germans often leave their cars at home. According to a report by the internet portal t-online, 40 percent said so in a survey conducted by the Federation of Consumer Organizations. 23 percent are saving elsewhere, 14 percent are considering buying an electric car and 7 percent are considering getting rid of their car altogether. However, 25 percent said they would not discipline their driving behaviour.

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