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Hirschvogel in Denklingen: Go Green

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Central Building Hirschvogel Denklingen
On the main site in Denklingen, Hirschvogel built the new central building of the company’s restaurant. © Hirschvogel

Denklingen – Hirschvogel aims to achieve annual sales of 1.4 billion euros for 2022. More than ten percent of this goes to investments: a total of 68 million euros is to be allocated to the Dinklingen and Schwungau sites alone.

In view of the future path, the group of companies headquartered in Dinklingen realigned its strategy last year. The focus is now on green business i.e. “green business” of mobility concepts without CO2 emissions. “In order to ensure growth and employment in all locations for future generations as well, we are currently aligning the components business in the automotive sector with the high pressure towards e-mobility and the drive for independence,” said Jörg Rückauf (56). He has been the CEO of Hirschvogel since the summer of 2021. He also spoke about the growth prospects through the company’s investments in related technologies and markets. At Rückauf’s first annual meeting, the two Managing Directors Walter Bauer (54) in charge of Finance, Human Resources and IT Dr. Dirk Landgrebe (56) from Production/Development, who has been in charge of the company since January 2021 and together with the Rückauf trio are at the top.

the end of the holocaust

In contrast to previous senior management (until the end of 2020), Hirschvogel shareholders this time appointed a head to the management team, as Armin Modric explained as the head of the advisory board. Along with Hans-Juergen Pritzger – also a contributor – Modric stressed the importance of “transformation”. Expiry date of the combustion engine. They are convinced that “green” redirects will bring a “real boost”.

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Jürg Rückauf’s take on the switch is “very important to us”. The dual strategy already adopted shows initial successes: 70 percent of orders won in 2021 will already contribute to the green business – as will other major orders in the first quarter of 2022. All plants around the world should benefit Who is this.

A new production hall of bevel differential gears was recently commissioned at the main plant at Hirschvogel Umformtechnik GmbH in Denklingen. It was introduced by plant manager Oliver Maurer (54) this Monday afternoon during a tour with representatives of the press. “Forward and backward” described in simple words that the flow of the production process, including the flow of materials, is improved and can be shortened to five days.

At Hirschvogel Components GmbH in Schongau, where Maurer is currently plant manager, the company is investing 28 million euros in a new production hall for rotating shafts in electric motors and in new technology for production oriented towards the flow of materials and processes. With the founding of the bicycle and mini-mobility division (as reported by KREISBOTE), Hirschvogel is also daring to take a step further from the automotive sector.

General Manager Dirk Landgrapp noted that the company focused its sustainability management in 2021 and committed to “developing environmental, economic and social sustainability” in accordance with the 1.5-degree target of the Paris Climate Agreement and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The urgent task is to decarbonize energy-intensive production, that is, to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

special electricity

At the German sites (in addition to Denklingen and Schongau, Marksuhl in Thuringia), the Hirschvogel Group has been supplying electricity exclusively from renewable energies since the beginning of the year. Internationally, the conversion will take place by 2025. In addition, the stations’ base load will be covered by their regional PV projects, Landgrebe said. 50 percent of products are still manufactured using natural gas. It is desirable that “more energy” also flows into the hydrogen and storage area from the political side.

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