Christine Lambrecht takes her son on a government helicopter – critically acclaimed

Christine Lambrecht takes her son on a government helicopter – critically acclaimed

Easter holiday threatens political repercussions for Shield defense minister Christine Lambrecht (56, SPD): “Business Insider “ Lambrecht’s son traveled with him on vacation in a government helicopter.

It shows a photo on the son’s public Instagram profile. The 21-year-old can be seen being built on a cougar government helicopter (flight: 5,300 euros per hour). Alexander Lambrecht, 21, who often travels abroad with his mother, posted a photo of himself in the cabin on April 15. Below the concept of “Happy Easter”.

Ministry: Lambrecht “100% offset”

The Ministry of Defense has rejected criticism that the son of department head Christine Lambrecht (SPD) was traveling from Berlin to northern Germany. The minister had applied to ride in a government helicopter and “accepted 100 per cent of the cost as per the guidelines,” a spokesman in Berlin said on Monday. The plane took off from its headquarters in Berlin on April 13 and made its way to visit troops in Lauderdale in Shellswick-Holstein.

Mary-Agnes Stroke-Zimmerman: “The whole thing is not really right”

As Minister of Defense, Lambrecht has the right to put forward requests for aircraft that are ready to fly during official mission, and the persons accompanying them “will have to bear different cost rates depending on federal interest,” the spokesman said. Also: “Flight and Reimbursement are fully compliant with the guidelines for the use of BMVg aircraft readiness aircraft.”

Mary-Agnes Strock-Zimmerman (64, FDP), chair of the Security Council, said she could not comment further on the Welt television channel on Monday, but that it was an “extraordinary process”. Strock-Zimmerman: “I can not determine what kind of plane it was, whether it was on Minister Road anyway. The whole thing is not really right, we all know that.” She thinks the minister can explain the case.


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