Home Tech A decaying comet could release a new stream of falling star

A decaying comet could release a new stream of falling star

A decaying comet could release a new stream of falling star

The universe is wonderful. The researchers now note that the comet can disintegrate, resulting in a new stream of falling stars.

The comet’s debris, if it decays soon, could unleash a new stream of falling stars on Earth.

Meteor showers in May

According to scientists, the comet should shatter into an infinite number of pieces. This should happen by the end of May 2022. This could lead to an interesting rain of falling stars from Earth in the sky. Then this rain consists of many parts of the comet.

Space lovers will get their money back in May. Recently there have been many shooting stars in the night sky. The lunar eclipse also fascinated many. Now there could be another wonderful scene.

It can happen as early as the end of May

As researchers have now announced, it may be the end of May when the star rains. Because the Tau Herculids are on their way. They are the result of a disjointed comet. These fragments will then become visible as meteors in the sky.

The comet, which takes 5.4 years to complete one orbit around the sun, has been refracting since 1995. The pieces as well as the trace of dust in its orbit. In 2006, scientists counted about 70 fragments.

Comet SW3 causes excitement

Indeed, comet SW3, as it is called, could cause something unusual this year. She is a shooting star rain. He just had to get close to the ground. If the comet fragments hit the Earth’s atmosphere, they can become visible.

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The comet has a speed of only 60,000 km/h. Which is relatively slow. If the vision was clear and the fall occurred, then one could already see several hundred falling stars. The scientists said these would be slow and bright.


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