Hours after the shooting: a yacht sinks in the harbor

hours after the shooting
A yacht sinks in the harbor

Thick smoke can be seen over Torquay in the middle of the day. A yacht is on fire in the port of a port city in southern England. There are thousands of liters of diesel in the ship. The fire brigade did not mind.

A yacht caught fire and then sank in the port of Torquay, a coastal town in southern England. “The boat sank, so the fires are out now,” said the local fire brigade, which previously worked for hours with a number of troops to put out the flames.

According to the information, on the boat was about 8000 liters of diesel, which is why the Environmental Authority was commissioned, which immediately began to work with special equipment. The fire broke out on the 26-meter yacht at noon. The cause of the fire is not yet clear.

Thick black clouds of smoke are seen over the white boat in a video posted by the BBC. Residents have been directed to avoid the area and to close doors and windows for the time being. According to the police, there should be no injuries.


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