Champions League final: Cheers on the field!  Fans other than themselves

Champions League final: Cheers on the field! Fans besides themselves – “Is it bad”

Sky, DAZN, RTL and Co .: You can watch any football games

Sky, DAZN, RTL and Co .: You can watch any football games

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First it started Champions League final Later, the kick-off pre-show caused dissatisfaction among the fans.

Not all fans like the look of pop star Camila Capello. They expressed their dissatisfaction with the show Champions League final Free running.

Champions League Final: Fans shocked – that’s the reason

The Champions League final started more than half an hour late due to the riot in front of the State de France. When viewers in front of the TV were forced to watch a pre-match show, their collars exploded.

UEFA hosts megastar Camila Capello for a pre-match appearance in the Champions League final. Among other things, he performed his mega hits “Havana” and “Don’t Go Still”.

There was cheering in the stadium and English fans started chanting loudly. “The English can never accept it. They want to see the game,” said Per Mertesacker, an expert who has been active in the UK for many years.

+++ Champions League Final: Former football expert in the middle of the chaos in front of the stadium – “dangerous to the public” +++

Champions League Final: TV viewers in shock

On Twitter, some viewers explode their collars. We have selected some reactions for you:

  • “God, that’s bad. No one wants to see it in football. It’s not Super Bowl shit.”
  • “Aww! This preview of the Champions League final is what has kept me away from ‘modern’ football in recent years.”
  • “The English can’t stand it. They want to watch football.” Mertesacker is right about that. We don’t need a Super Bowl show in the Champions League. That’s football. “
  • “What a bad show .. I thought about the game of football. Nobody needs it “


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However, this is not Camila Cabello’s fault. In the 2017 DFB Cup Final, fans also whistled Helen Fischer. Such shows are generally rejected by most football fans. (FS)


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