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▷ The new Skoda Fabia: smarter than ever

06.08.2021 – 12:04

Skoda Auto Germany GmbH

The new Skoda Fabia: smarter than ever

Mladá Boleslav (ots)

›A total of 43 Simply Clever features are available for FABIA – more than ever

›For the first time ever, Skoda has five new details for further arrangement in the interior and luggage compartment

›Eight ideas from other ŠKODA models enter the Fabia for the first time in the fourth generation of models

The new Skoda Fabia is smarter than ever: the fourth generation of the successful model offers up to 43 details typical of the brand Simply Clever, with which the Czech automaker facilitates the daily use of their car for its customers. Five of these features are completely new to the range, and eight more are now also in FABIA for the first time. In addition to innovations such as a removable cup holder between the front seats, Skoda classics such as an ice scraper in the fuel filler cap with a gauge scale for tread control, and a parking card holder on the A-pillar or canopy in the driver’s door complement a host of smart features.

The fourth generation of FABIA now offers up to 43 of these smart features, depending on the equipment – more than ever. This also includes Skoda classics such as the fuel filler flap ice scraper with tire tread gauge, parking card holder on the A-pillar and canopy in the driver’s door.

For the first time ever, Skoda presents five simply smart ideas for the new Fabia

For the first time ever, Skoda presents five of the well-thought-out Simply Clever details of the new FABIA in one of its models. An innovative and flexible box storage compartment is available upon request. They are located on the side wall to save space and can be pulled out if necessary to fix things in the luggage compartment. A removable cup holder between the front seats allows for more flexibility indoors. In the center console’s stowage compartment, a new credit card or parking ticket clip keeps things tidy, and a rubber band serves as a pen holder. Rear passengers can safely store small parts in a trunk on the center tunnel, which is also available as an option. The box fits perfectly between the center console and the rear seat bench seat and anchors itself there. Simply Clever’s list of ideas also includes a sun visor, which is available as an accessory for the optional panoramic roof. If not in use, it can be folded up to a third of its size in a few simple steps and stowed under the boot lid.

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Eight details from other Skoda models find their way to the Fabia

A total of eight Simply Clever details from ŠKODA’s top model series have found their way into the new FABIA and are available for the first time for the popular small car. These features include, for example, a multifunctional bag that can be hung under the boot lid. This creates an ideal storage space for coats or jackets, and the bag can hold items weighing up to 3.5 kilograms in total. Easily accessible pockets for smartphones on the front seat backrests are already familiar on OCTAVIA and ENYAQ iV, and card and coin compartments now provide order in the glove compartment. The backrest of the front passenger seat can be folded down, which allows especially long objects to be transported. In the model’s equipment line, a USB-C port is available on the FABIA interior mirror for the first time on demand. The reading lights in the rear can be conveniently operated from the front – ideal for children traveling in the back seats who are too young to turn on the lights themselves. Smartphones can be charged inductively thanks to the Phonebox. A loading sill guard, which can be folded when the tailgate is opened, is also available as an option. It protects the coating from scratches and, thanks to its reflectors, provides additional safety when loading the car.

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