Home Economy Swiss fintech company rewards app downloads with a free antigen test

Swiss fintech company rewards app downloads with a free antigen test

Swiss fintech company rewards app downloads with a free antigen test

The new customer then pays 1 franc to the test center using the app and in return receives a Covid certificate. The franc will be redeemed at the site. It starts in Covid testing centers at the Club Bellevue sites in Zurich and at the main train station in Bern (in collaboration with Club Du Théâtre). With the campaign, YAPEAL would like to extend the deadline for free Covid antigen tests and especially encourage young people to get vaccinated in the meantime.

The offer is intended for people who have previously missed the opportunity to schedule a vaccination appointment or who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons. Christian Loescher, CMO at Yapeal, has his own experience: “In my environment too, many people have not yet been vaccinated or have only been vaccinated for various reasons. Often this is not because of unwillingness, but because of external circumstances. We want to support these people by giving them the opportunity to attend Their vaccination date without having to give up the best things in life in the meantime.” For this purpose, YAPEAL has cooperated with two of the biggest clubs in Zurich and Berne. The aim is to specifically address young people for whom a return to normalcy, which also includes nightlife, means the need to dig deeper into their portfolios. You should get easy, fast and free COVID antigen tests. Thus you can use the extended deadline to get vaccinated in the meantime.

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In order to use up to three free Covid-19 antigen tests, interested parties must have the YAPEAL app authenticated 24 hours prior to the test and have an active account. Setup and use of the application is free of charge and the user does not incur any costs. Offer valid from Thursday 14 October (Club Bellevue, Zurich) or from Thursday 21 October (Bern Main Station) until at least 11 November 2021 from Thursday to Saturday. The campaign accompanies on social media, and YAPEAL staff at the test centers provide information about the show.

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YAPEAL is a Swiss Fintech company founded in June 2018 with the first FinTech license in Switzerland. YAPEAL offers digital financial services that are integrated into the daily lifestyle and world of work of both individual and corporate clients. YAPEAL’s unique “digital first” platform for consumer ecosystems enables embedded financial services that deliver comprehensive real-time customer experiences. The strategic investors in YAPEAL are investment house Vontobel and ERP manufacturer Abacus. yabel It employs around 50 people and is based in Zurich.

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