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Pentathlon coach Raisner has been ruled out of the Olympics in Tokyo

The horse walks away from “Saint Boy” – the golden dream is over

The gold medal for German rider Annika Schlei was known by the time she reached it. But her horse “Saint Boy” refused to move away. For Berliner, the dream of a shiny precious metal is exploding.

The Olympic pentathlon play about Annika Schlew has consequences. Following the DOSB, the World Association is taking action against national coach Kim Risner. She faces a major charge.

FUnfcomb national coach Kim Raisner has been ruled out of the summer games in Tokyo due to her behavior in the Olympic drama surrounding Annika Shle. The day was announced by the World Federation of Modern Pentathlon on Saturday, a day after the controversial scenes on Women’s Final Day. Coach hit the drawn horse from Schleu, which refused to participate in training, justifying the UIPM decision.

Schleuw could reach the gold medal from Berlin on Friday in Tokyo, but the loan horse St. Boy had repeatedly denied her. The 31-year-old was without points and eventually finished 31st. Then came the harsh criticism of the athlete and Raisner.

“Right foot! Foot! The invisible athlete then whipped the defenseless and frightened horse.

No more support: National coach Kim Risner was more and more on the line as a result of the play

No more support: National coach Kim Risner was more and more on the line as a result of the play

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The German Olympic Association had earlier announced that Risner would have no official participation in Saturday’s men’s event. Alphonse Herman, the DOSB boss, said after discussing the incident with German Association of Modern Pentathlon sports director Schl, Risner and Suzanne Weidemann that it “should not be in the curriculum or in the warming area.” This is the “best solution” to avoid “further questions” about the coach. It is a joint and consensus decision.

“It won’t help Annika Shlew.”

Herman initially opened up about whether there could be more employee effects. The head of the umbrella organization said the international rules in the Pentathlon should be amended “urgently”, but he did not want to make concrete plans.

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The National Pentathlon Association has called for the ride rules to be adjusted. “Related changes have already been made and proposed to the World Association. However, this will not help Annika Schlew. She could not realize her medal dream at the Olympics in Tokyo,” said the modern Pentathlon German Association.

Meanwhile, the association has pledged its support for the “Athletic Toyland” Shlew. “The hostility and somewhat overt hatred she faced on social networks from yesterday’s equestrian competition is unacceptable and should be strongly condemned,” the organization announced Saturday.

Criticism of the events at the race was “absolutely legitimate and should lead to a discussion of changes in riding rules,” it said. The World Cup UIBM urges athletes in the future to “act now to ensure animal safety and appropriate competition conditions”.

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