Home entertainment Rapper Fred Bang and singer Elif baffle fans: Will the parents be baffled?

Rapper Fred Bang and singer Elif baffle fans: Will the parents be baffled?

Rapper Fred Bang and singer Elif baffle fans: Will the parents be baffled?

Fred Bang and Elif stand together on vacation in Turkey. BILD: screenshot / Instagram / faridbangbang

‘Professional work finally pays off’: Is singer Elif pregnant with rapper Fred Bang?

Fred Pang and Elif caused confusion on social media for a few days. The rapper recently launched his new record “Asocial Moroccan” and after a promotional phase he bid farewell to Turkey for the first time. However, he is clearly not alone there – singer Elif, who really wanted to reduce her mental health, is currently on his side.

The first collaboration between the artists preceded the joint vacation. The feature “Money” can be found on the album Farid, which he recorded with Elif, Azad and Summer Cem – which was highly acclaimed by his fans for the amazing composition.

However, there are quite a few rumors that Elif and Farid were not able to build a good friendship during the recording studio sessions., but they were already expecting that they had become a couple. The two now took the rumors very private.

Singer Elif shows herself with a developing stomach

Speculation started with a mysterious initial photo on Instagram. A picture of Fred showed a woman with medium length dark hair from behind. Users quickly gathered that it could be Elif because she wore a similar dress on her account that day.

A short time later, they then frankly showed that they are actually together in Turkey and that Farid Elif wore his famous infinity ring, which the stage star made for his solo release of the song “Thanos”.

Eventually the rumors increased by Elif posting a picture of her holding Fred’s hand. Today they shot a bombshell clip with Fred Bang.I commented on the recording that is mostly posted by couples.

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But this should not end there, because the highlight of the vacation shots was a picture in which Fred tightens his muscles and Pete caress her stomach, which has clearly grown … So don’t the two announce that they’re already together, but that they’re also going to be parents?

The 35-year-old wrote: “Our professional work is finally paying off” and Elif peeked under it. “The result of a good collaboration,” the former Popstars participant immediately replied.

A number of comments were quickly collected: “Is she pregnant?” “Fred, will you be a father?” , “Afraid of Fred?” and “Wow, it went so fast”It was said at the beginning. A few other users quickly questioned the 28-year-old’s other circumstances: “Elif is not pregnant. There is only money under her dress,” another commenter joked.

On closer examination, it is already noted in other publications that Elif’s body was remarkably flat just a day before her purported pregnancy function. In addition, the stomach appears to have a few folds – just as if it were lined.

It is currently doubtful whether Fred Bang and Elif will actually become parents. Instead, they appear to be filming a music video in Turkey and mock the rumors about their relationship status.


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