Home science Yes, Moderna CEO mentioned the idea of ​​the annual recall against Covid-19

Yes, Moderna CEO mentioned the idea of ​​the annual recall against Covid-19

Yes, Moderna CEO mentioned the idea of ​​the annual recall against Covid-19

“Are you all ready to receive your anti-Covid boosters for the rest of your life?” MODERN’s General Manager, Stefan Bancel, wants to slowly wipe you out by getting rich! “

For this Twitter user who opposes health measures against Covid-19 – including vaccination – it’s clear: The head of one of the pharmaceutical companies involved has long planned to “make profit” from his product by increasing the number of injection reminders. He wants as evidence a video excerpt from an interview with Stefan Bancel with a Quebec journalist, carried over in his tweet.

In this sequence, the French president of the American group Moderna particularly emphasizes: “It is necessary to see that [le] Covid won’t go away, it’s a virus we have to live with. But with regular reminders, it will be like the flu, we will live with it and very few people will be hospitalized. […] This is Moderna’s commitment: We will continue to make adaptive withdrawals until this epidemic is endemic, so living with one booster each year will be. “

Stefan Bansel adds: “I think we’ll have to get regular reminders for the rest of our lives, like the flu. […] I think if we want to have a good winter […] A third dose, starting with those most at risk, who have been vaccinated for a long time, it is really important to protect as many people as possible. “

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From fake

This excerpt is authentic: broadcasted On LCN Quebec on August 24, 2021, when Moderna announced the launch of a factory in Canada.

If concerns about a delta variant and a possible re-release of the Covid-19 pandemic are ubiquitous in the world, Stéphane Bancel’s mention of a possible annual booster vaccine was nothing new nor surprising given the latest scientific knowledge about the virus.

The president of Moderna has already raised such a scenario From May 2021 On the BFMTV antenna: “We have to live with it like the flu, we know how to do it well. So there’s a period of a year or two that’s going to be a bit complicated because we’re not able to vaccinate the whole planet.” […] We are in an interconnected world today […]We therefore anticipate the variants returning to the Northern Hemisphere in the coming fall and winter, so we know that the recalls will of course be very important.”

The hypothesis of disease that may become seasonal

At that time, researchers from the University of Utah in the United States, Accurately estimated In a study that Covid-19 could become a seasonal disease within ten years, due to the development of herd immunity – the hypothesis of ‘downplaying’ the virus has been put forward
From March 2021.

On August 25, 2021, the day after Stefan Bancel’s intervention at LCN, our supplier’s commercial director, Corinne Le Geoff, identified her on BFMTV : “There is a scenario in which the virus continues to evolve and the level of transmissibility is increasing in importance. In that case, we could consider a booster dose every year, like a flu shot.”

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Generalization of the third dose, which is still under discussion

On October 6, the High Health Authority (HAS) recommended a third dose of the vaccine “for caregivers, transporters of medical services and professionals in the medical and social sector” as well as for those around immunocompromised people, while a recall campaign has already been underway since September for those Those over 65 years of age and at risk, such as diabetics. The goal: to combat the loss of efficacy of vaccines against Covid over time, despite the high protection against severe forms of the disease.

Even if the circumstances “do not, at this point, justify the recommendation that an additional dose be given in the general population, (…) then HAS asserted in its opinion that the administration of a booster dose is likely to become necessary in the coming months”.

The European Medicines Authority paved the way for this on October 6 by authorizing a recall circular for all adults, leaving the authorities of each EU country to carefully select the people involved. However, the need for such a stimulant dose is still highly debated in the scientific world, and its interest for the entire population remains to be evaluated.

In addition, this booster dose at present must necessarily come from the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, based on messenger RNA technology. Whereas until now it has carelessly advocated turning to Pfizer or Moderna vaccines for booster doses of a vaccine against Covid-19, the High Authority of Health temporarily recommends, as a precautionary principle, discontinuation of Moderna due to cases of pericarditis and myocarditis which may be more important, especially in young people,
As mentioned Parisian.


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