World Championship announcement from DFB stars
Mr. Flick, what did you do?

Tobias Nordman

Germany lost the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Three years later at EM, it was a huge disappointment. The peak of the world is far away. But then Hansie Flick comes in and becomes the national coach, and everything seems possible. What’s going on there?

Manuel Neuer announced just a few days ago that the goal should be to become a world champion. When the captain said his sentences, the DFB team’s trip to Qatar was not yet official. But to take the play away from everything: it would have taken an unimaginable miracle to prevent it from qualifying for the World Cup. So the announcements are not insulting, but fit for the new German (ecstatic) wave. But it’s really amazing, isn’t it? Under the guidance of national coach Hansie Flick, nothing seems possible.

But that’s how it is: As a team, it seems highly controversial how seriously confident you should be after five international matches under the new guidance. Neuer chose the variant over the whole throttle. Guy Howarts thinks you should not waste your own goals. In the last few years one has had to do it often enough. Leon Goretzka, for example, sees it differently. Like Manuel Neuer, he plays for FC Bayern and may not have big ambitions, but he still talks about “small roles”. Not a good phrase, but probably true.

No one can give a serious answer at this time, even the unbridled joy of how far the DFB team has already crossed the path to the return of the world elite and how far is still ahead of them. Because, including the second half against Northern Macedonia, the performances against Macedonia were sometimes intoxicating, and the strength of the enemy was quite normal. Of course, Romanians can play football well (2: 1), and Armenians have proven it too. And northern Macedonia shook Germany on March 31 (1: 2). But those are other times. Blocked times in the home extension of the Joachim Lou era.

There is a powerful “but”

You can speak strongly with these enemies. But it can also be a silly form of self-deception. Because these teams can work well together and one or two good footballers may be on their teams, but they are not from Spain, Italy, Belgium or France. All four teams showed how good they were in this game in the Nations League final. Even if rarely seen by anyone in this country. The French around Kylian Mbeki captured the title, but the Spaniards were keen around the super talented poet.

Hansi Flick knows all this. But it doesn’t erode him. “If you look at the quality of our players and where they play, you have to say that they are also capable of retaining themselves against teams like Italy, Spain, France and Belgium. I am very confident.” You don’t want to contradict him. Because if the team’s learning curve continues to rise too steeply, they will be one of the countries competing in the Gold Cup in Qatar. There is a lot more subsidiary here. Flick wants to change this a little bit. In his words this means: the team needs to take further development steps.

The problem areas of the national team have recently been clearly outlined. Optimal occupation of defensive areas has not yet been discovered. Thilo Kerr emphasizes himself more and more. He can do it left and right, as the emperor probably calls it, but he can also do it in the center. Nicholas Sale and Antonio Rodger have made a name for themselves and are working hard to start the World Cup in this star group. You have put forward good arguments, but you have in no way dispelled all doubts that they may actually be a more consistent variation. You can still find the shadow of Mates Hummels and sometimes the shadow of Jerome Bodeng.

Flick, Player Therapist

Another problem area is the storm center. Timo Werner is the man of choice there. Not everyone likes it. Sometimes his unfortunate appearances became a national thing. In the collective despair of a Savior in the middle, Simon Derode spoke aloud. Lothar Matthews also thought the idea was good. Derode, you should know, is the best striker who was 33 years old and probably the 2nd division (for a long time). Except for the Hanover legend Dieter Scotchnider, of course. Now Flick saw his striker Werner’s criticism as powerfully exaggerated. He spoke harshly to him. Towards the general and the team.

What can you say, this movie did it again. Not only did Werner play well against Northern Macedonia, he also scored two goals. His degrees were very promising. Yes, what is happening now is amazing. With the team. With players. It feels like Teju Wu. Pamentell has already undergone a surprisingly rapid change at FC Bayern. From the insecure crowd he formed the most dominant team in Europe. Players like Bodeng or Thomas Mல்லller had turned from emergency nails into load-bearing walls. Flick, he is a remarkable therapist.

On the national team, this sporty start-up with Flick Werner is not the only one to succeed. His influence over Leroy Sane was further developed. At the European Championships, the Munich-based man failed again because he too was finally a different player. He dragged this dangerous position with him to Munich (where he even got the whistle) and then to the DFB team. Sane worked hard and regained happiness. About winning the ball and a lot of desire and curiosity. Suddenly the heavy things on the ball seemed to lighten again (the foot).

Somehow this national coach manages to awaken the mood of the players. He never had to teach them the game again. Moreover, Flick has already sown this greed for goals and success, the desire to do everything possible in the team’s DNA. Nothing will collapse even after the deficit against Romania. The head goes up and the legs run forward. Sometimes a little reckless, but always driven by “all inside”. “I don’t know how far we are. But I’m sure a lot can be done with this mindset.” Manuel Neuer has already revealed exactly what that is.

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