Kim Jong-un blames the United States for the arms race

Kim Jong Un delivers a speech in Pyongyang with a number of weapons in the background. But for that The destabilization of the peninsula blames the North Korean dictator on the United States and South Korea.

After recent signs of détente, the North Korean ruler has done so Kim Jong-un The United States of America Blame the military conflict on the Korean peninsula. On Tuesday, he said the United States was the “main cause” of instability, according to the official Central News Agency, in an opening speech at an arms fair in the capital. Pyongyang.

Kim said about a number of weapons, including the largest intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). (ICBM) is a Hwasong-16, as pictures shown in the party newspaper Rodong Sinmun.

The arms race between the south and the north

North and South Korea just restored the lines of communication between them last week. The move was an attempt to create “permanent peace” on the peninsula, as Kim Jong-un declared at the time.

Government of the President of the United States Joe Biden He has repeatedly stated that he will be open to discussions with North Korean representatives at any time without preconditions. However, Kim has now said the US actions “give no reason” to believe they are not hostile.

North Korea It is also moving forward with its missile program and has begun, according to observers, to expand a nuclear reactor to produce nuclear missiles. North and South Korea are locked in an arms race with both sides increasingly testing short-range ballistic missiles and other weapons.

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