Home Top News People and wild animals must become vegan, and pets and farm animals are prohibited

People and wild animals must become vegan, and pets and farm animals are prohibited

People and wild animals must become vegan, and pets and farm animals are prohibited

Climate killer chops: would you save the world without meat? This is the title of the talk at Hangar 7 on ServusTV: From no difference in the legal entity of human and animal to meat substitutes from the laboratory etc. one always thinks in a hurry that there is no more – you allow me: bullshit.

Organic farmer in Styria from Ennstal Hannes Royer (Agricultural tools store) and publicist Roland Tichy from Berchtesgadener Land I can help them with their vision of the world of Essen “Talk in Hangar-7” It still follows, “The Vegan Activist” (otherwise, too in another place Active) Raffaela Raab and “food ecologist” Martin Schlatzer (his role model: Jerry Lewis), because I don’t want to be lectured, and I certainly don’t want to be nutritionally re-educated. farmer Andreas Koetz (worm farm) uses a place of production with a mealworm farm in Lavanttal, why not?

Raffaela Raab says there are also human rights against people being enslaved, raped, and sent to a slaughterhouse (yes, you heard that right) and animals are just conscious individuals, just different species with slightly different, slightly different bodies. A different language, a different culture… Farm animals would not be recognized in our society of which they are a part, traded as commodities like slaves… Then finally: “Vegetarianism is a moral choice.” This is in line with the “right of a fish not to be enslaved”… “the right of a pig not to end up in the gas chamber”…

– Talk im Hangar-7 (@ talkimhangar7) July 14, 2023

Martin Schlatzer is very dramatic about meat as a climate killer, but 20 to 30 percent of the “greenhouse gases” came from the food system, and a large part of it came from animals. Schlatzer doesn’t want meat banned by law, only Rapp does.

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It only takes a very short time before you can no longer listen to Rap. When it comes to the vegan diet for dogs and cats, chemically fortified with additives, I can still smile to myself, Oh my God, what a weird thought. When I deal with the slaughter of animals in line with the Holocaust, and Tichy gets involved, I stop laughing. The fact that Schlatzer smiles and labels the comparison “suboptimal” and views it as an attempt to mediate between Tichy and Raab only makes it worse.

Michael Fleischacker nailed the rap, which he confirmed. It makes no difference to them in the legal personality of man and animal. She confirms that Rapp also wants to ban the purchase of pets, wild animals, etc.

Hoyer’s remarks about savagery in nature among the organisms themselves clearly transcend the faction prohibiting interference with nature. No, lead to ideas about the conversion of animals in nature to plant nutrition instead of mutual killing of animals. Paxphobiscom. Urbi and orbi.

And when Fleischhacker then called for the final round of synthetic meat substitutes from the lab, all taste for Raab and Co. was lost. Roland Tichy notes many times that the larvae of ground flour, which are mixed with flour and elsewhere unnoticed with the permission of the European Union, and many other things are in the for-profit interests of pharmaceutical and food companies – without echo from others.

But, dear people, do not worry. This most extreme growth of a rich Europe-centered civilization, imbued in every sense of the word, will pass as it arose. Western “models” are also like neo-colonialism.

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The cat loves the meat of the mouse and Raffaela Raab will not succeed in converting the animal world to a vegetarian. Neither does humanity.



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