Jack Grilish, 25, travels from Aston Villa to Manchester City for a record sum. The master is not yet satisfied.

Leaving the club he wants: & nbsp;  Jack Grilish.

Leaving the club he loves: Jack Greelish.
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Manchester United have brought in Jadan Sanso (Borussia Dortmund) and Rafael Varane (Real Madrid) for a total of 100 million euros, and now the city’s rivals have set the biggest possible exclamation mark: Jack Greilish joins in the sum of 118 million euros (100 100 million and ட்டி 100 million so far) Premier League history. He gets a contract until 2027.

Born in Birmingham and raised in Aston Villa, Grilish has been standing in the shop window from time to time for the past few years, but has always been loyal to his childhood club. After 20 years at Villa Jersey, England International is now taking the next step – and in the quest for the title.

“Pep likes his way of playing”

“City are the best team in the country with a coach who is considered one of the best in the world – being part of this club is a dream come true,” Greelish said in a statement. “Playing for Pep and learning from him will be a special feature.” Sports director Tziki Beckerstein describes Greelish as “one of the most exciting attackers in the world right now” and “the best” for Mancity: “Pep loves the way he plays. Our and his style go together.”

For Mancity, Grealish, which can be used in both the middle midfield and the left wing, is the first big investment this summer, but not the last. Pep Cardiola wants Harry Kane (28) in his lineup. Those who score higher in the previous Premier League season will need more millions than Greece.

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Bailey & Co.: The villa has already spent millions of gallons

So far, Spurs – especially boss Daniel Levy – have opposed selling their silverware in the league. Unlike Luka Modric or Gareth Bale (both from Tottenham to Real Madrid), the Spanish leading clubs have not been financially strong this summer.

Aston Villa could lose their captaincy and best player, but have already made arrangements and invested heavily: Leon Bailey (மில்லியன் 32 million, Bayer Leverkusen), midfielder Emiliano Bhuvandia (மில்லியன் 38 million, Norwich City) and attacking Danny Ings () 35) ).


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