Home Top News The UR EURO2020 semi-finals live on MagentaTV: Denmark vs England tonight from 8pm / …

The UR EURO2020 semi-finals live on MagentaTV: Denmark vs England tonight from 8pm / …

The UR EURO2020 semi-finals live on MagentaTV: Denmark vs England tonight from 8pm / …

07.07.2021 – 00:39


Munich (ots)

Italy are very happy to have reached the final after a penalty shoot-out: they beat Spain 5-3, playing almost three times their passes. After 90 minutes of intoxication, a slight advantage for the Spaniards, a well-deserved victory for Italy, and thus a favorite role in the final? “From the senses, yes, even if they are not the best they are today. But for the past few weeks they have been very dear to my heart,” said Freddie Bopick, a Magenta TV expert. Italy are now unbeaten in 33 games in a row, with the first final set: live on MagentaTV from 8pm on Sunday night. “It has nothing to do with Italian football!” Coach Roberto Mancini responded slightly to a question about the unusual defensive orientation, otherwise he was relaxed: “The whole thing is a 3 year plan, but the work still needs to be done.”

The countdown to the 2nd semi-final between MagentaTV England and Denmark starts today at 8pm – with Johannes P. at the studio. Kerner, with John Henkel and Michael Ballack. Marco Hawkman comments from 9pm MagentaTV shows all EURO2020 matches live.

Italy – Spain 5: 3 N.E.

Intermediate result from the 116th minute provided by reporter Wolf Fuss: 299: 812 was the pass rate in favor of Spain. It was still 1: 1. Not much happens in overtime. But then: Italy is too cold on penalties. Freddie Bofic, Will Italy become European champions after today’s game: “From the senses, yes. Because it’s still Italian, they have something, and they’ll force this luck, what they need. They have this passion and this spirit. About the feeling: “The whole story, including such successes and tragic things like the injury to Spinoza, is tied together after life, and it’s really good.”

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When Italy coach Roberto Mancini asked if the good old Italian defensive line was being stopped: “It has nothing to do with Italian football … it was a game we enjoyed today. It was an incredibly difficult game for us. But we already knew it. Only then did we know in advance that we would win the game, even if we were suffering … the whole thing was a 3 year plan. , But the work is yet to be done. We have not yet gathered strength because we are not finished yet. ”

Italy goal scorer and “Star of the Match” Federico Sisa: “I can not put my feelings into words. It’s a tough game. But now that we’re in the finals, we’ll be back here.”

Bobby criticizes top clubs for Olympic “boycott”: “Sending a good German team there should be worth it for us.”

Freddie Bobic is an Olympic fan, and has two athletes, including Arne Meyer and Jordan Torunarica. National coach Stephen Kunds complained about the reluctance of the best clubs to give up players. So Johannes b. Gerner asked the German team: “No player from Bayer, no one from Dortmund, no one from Frankfurt, no one from Gladbach. Have a quiet alternate goalkeeper.” Sending the German team there should be worth it to us. In the end we all want to win “that’s one thing for sure.” Because there will not be much players for the first round of the trophy. This is a great opportunity for the boys! ā€¯Germany won silver at the time.

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Analyzes UEFA EURO 2020 Preliminary Reports and LIVE on MagentaTV

07/07/2021 Wednesday


8pm: England – Denmark

Moderate: Johannes b. Gerner; Expert: Michael Ballack; Comment: Marco Hageman

Guest: Simon Lauder

2021 July 11 Sunday


8pm: Winner HF1 – Winner HF2

Moderate: Johannes b. Gerner; Experts: Michael Ballack, Freddie Bofick, Patrick Idrich

Feedback Channel 1: Wolf c. Fuss

Feedback Tactics: Penny Xander and Manuel Pam

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