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Draw between Manchester City and Liverpool

Draw between Manchester City and Liverpool

MyAfter the final whistle of the Premier League top match between Liverpool FC and Manchester City on Sunday evening, city coach Pep Cardiola and Liverpool veteran professional James Milner engaged in a friendly chat on the sidewalk of Anfield Stadium. Why not: The game ended 2-2, and both sides can live to the end after a thrilling and high-quality fight.

But a few minutes ago, Cardiola Milner personally wanted to grab the collar and pull it off the field. Because Liverpool should have seen the yellow-red card after a mistake, but were allowed to continue playing – to Cardiola’s annoyance, he was warned by the referee for his nagging.

Milner, one of the most experienced players on the Jrgen Klopp squad at the age of 35, replaced the injured Trent Alexander-Arnold on the right defensive side against City. His real position is central or defensive midfield, but he also helped Liverpool to a 3-0 win over Crystal Palace and a 5-1 win over Porto in the Champions League.

Milner like a zombie movie

Milner is in excellent form even at the age of a great professional and advanced footballer, but he reached his limit against City’s 21-year-old left-hander Bill Foden. Foten was always dangerous, scoring 1: 1, scoring 2: 2 – and would have provided more templates if his team had handled his passes better or if Cardiola had called a real center forward. Again and again he slipped away from Milner and was forced to make a series of mistakes. The exit would have been justified after he abused Bernardo Silva a quarter of an hour before the end of the game.

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