Woman suffers breast removal after fatal misdiagnosis

A British woman underwent a mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Except she wasn’t sick at all.

Brenda Young learned the terrible news during a routine mammogram on February 3, 2020. A doctor at Barnsley NHS Hospital in South Yorkshire, England told him soShe had invasive breast cancer. Believing there was no time to lose, the young British man had his surgery three weeks later, on February 26, 2020, the magazine tracks. NEWSWEEK.

During this surgery, Brenda Young had her right breast removed. That was just a few days later, on March 5I knew she was the victim of a misdiagnosis scandal. But it’s too late. “By that time it was too late, I had already had a mastectomy”The young woman told the magazine. Nurse Brenda Young had to go back to work.

In a report, the hospital group stated that The analysis of the sampling results proved to be wrong. In error, the physician responsible for interpreting the results did not request a second medical opinion. Brenda Young had to wait several months before undergoing reconstructive surgery. “I had to live with only one breast, which made me feel uncomfortable”, captured. It was only on November 16 The young woman was able to benefit from breast reconstruction.

While the investigation is still ongoing, Rebecca Hall, the unfortunate patient’s attorney, said: “We are committed to helping her get the expert support she needs to get through her ordeal. We welcome the hospital’s apologies and promise to learn from them. Patient safety should always be a top priority.”.

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