The Rayman Family: Crazy Change!

The Rayman Family: Crazy Change! Fans can barely believe their eyes: ‘I’ll keep my spit away’

01/07/2021 at 7:12 AM

Reimanns take a fresh look at Instagram.  (archive image)

Reimanns take a fresh look at Instagram. (archive image)

Foto: picture alliance / dpa | Fabian Beamer

Well, what was there with them Remans The?

Shorts, faded shirt, baseball cap: that’s how everyone knows Equestrian Riemann. yes Alriman It could be completely different. Connie and Manu have now proven it on Instagram.

what happened? Caste immigrants are usually more pragmatic when it comes to their choice of clothing. Riman Just like working outdoors and don’t be afraid to get your fingers dirty in the process. Be and dress accordingly Manu Riman Mostly also.

The Raymans: You’ve never seen the sect’s immigrants like this before

But the photo Manu shared with fans on her Instagram account now shows a completely different side of the TV star. You see Connie Rayman in a chic black suit, black hat, and shoes. salary. But Manu is in no way inferior to her husband. In a pink dress with heels, she was cutting out at least a good figure.

+++ RTL makes it public: SHE stops as presenter – presenter reacts quickly +++


These are the Reimanns:

  • In 2004, the Reimanns moved from Hamburg to Texas (USA) – thanks to the green card they won
  • In “Goodbye Germany – The Emigrants” (Vox), their new life was accompanied by a camera
  • Then he appeared on many talk shows
  • Connie and Manu have two children. Son Jason and daughter Janina
  • In 2013, the first season of the docu-soap started on RTL2
  • In 2016, they moved to the island of Oahu in Hawaii
  • Fans are eagerly awaiting new episodes in 2021


Why did the two wear cool clothes? The Riemann family attended a charity event in the United States. Anyway, your fans love the look.

The Rayman Family: Fans From Home – ‘I’ll Keep My Mouth Clean’

“This will keep my spit away. You look so cool,” wrote a Manu Reiman follower, for example. Another adds, “Be not even in dungarees. You look so chic. Manu, your dress looks great on you. And the color is sexy.” So fans wouldn’t mind if a couple dresses more than once. We are excited.


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Connie Rayman has many talents. However, one of them comes as a surprise. You can read what’s here.

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