Home Sports What We Learned: Friday F1 Practice at the 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix – Bio Prep Watch

What We Learned: Friday F1 Practice at the 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix – Bio Prep Watch

What We Learned: Friday F1 Practice at the 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix – Bio Prep Watch

Title: Disastrous Start and Dominant Performances Mark Formula 1’s Return to Las Vegas

Subtitle: Ferrari leads the way in a chaotic and eventful Friday practice session

Las Vegas, NV – Formula 1’s highly anticipated return to Las Vegas was marred by a disastrous start as Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz hit a loose water valve cover in FP1, causing the session to be abandoned after just eight minutes. This unexpected incident triggered a series of challenges for F1 and the FIA, leaving disappointed fans to watch the session from behind closed doors.

Despite the setback, Ferrari showcased their strength in FP2, leading the way on pure pace. Red Bull also displayed an impressive performance during the extended session, with both teams setting the tone for the weekend. Meanwhile, Mercedes struggled with tyre degradation, highlighting potential difficulties for the reigning champions.

Unfortunately for Sainz, the incident damaged his car significantly, leading to a 10-place grid penalty for Saturday’s race. The mishap wasn’t an isolated one, as Alpine’s Fernando Alonso also crashed into the water valve, causing damage to his car’s floor and necessitating a chassis change.

To rectify the situation, track officials worked diligently to inspect and repair the water valves along the Strip, ultimately resulting in a delayed but extended session commencing at 2 am. This unforeseen turn of events gave teams an opportunity to gather valuable data on tyre performance and overall car balance through focused long runs towards the end of FP2.

The chaotic start and extended practice session tested the teams’ adaptability and showcased the dominance of Ferrari and Red Bull. Both teams displayed exceptional speed and consistency, leaving their rivals with much to ponder. On the other hand, McLaren experienced trouble with aerodynamic issues, leaving them in a challenging position to improve before qualifying.

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Adding to the already intricate situation, the track surface underwent significant evolution throughout the sessions due to the accumulation of additional rubber. This presented a further hurdle for teams to overcome, with tyre preparation set to play a critical role in their race strategies.

Looking ahead, drivers are bracing themselves for a tightly contested qualifying session as they continue to adapt to the ever-changing track surface. The lack of hard tyre running in FP2 suggests that teams are reserving them for strategic advantage during the race.

Friday’s dramatic events have certainly set the stage for an unpredictable and action-packed race, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what lies ahead in Formula 1’s return to Las Vegas.


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