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What are the health risks of virtual reality?

What are the health risks of virtual reality?

Virtual reality is taking an increasing place in our lives. But what are the risks to our health? How do you use it without putting yourself at risk? ANSES responds.

Virtual reality is touching more and more areas. Video games of course but also work (training), health, property visits, museums… If we know the attractions in them, we don’t know yet what they can generate negatively on our brains. ANSES conducted an investigation To develop a guide of good practices to be adopted when dealing with virtual reality.

Virtual reality can cause Immediate physical effects called cyberkinetics: nausea, dizziness, sweating, pallor, loss of balance. It can also cause seizures in people with epilepsy and disrupt the biological rhythm due to LED lights rich in blue light, refers to ANSES. These effects can be easily observed because they are observed in the short term.

Good Practice Guide

In the long term, the effects of virtual reality are still not well understood, ANSES launched a study that must be published in 2022 to better understand the impact of digital tools on children and adolescents. In the meantime, she advises paying attention to a few things:

  • Requires reduction of health effects Stop using virtual reality as soon as movement symptoms appear Mentioned above, and in general for Anyone with epilepsy Or migraine headaches, or balance disorders.
  • Between two sessions, it is important to Take a relatively long break, two hours.
  • Who is better Avoid using it at night.

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