Home science Reactive grafting to cut grass under the feet of variables

Reactive grafting to cut grass under the feet of variables

Reactive grafting to cut grass under the feet of variables

The Covid-19 epidemic has seen a serious slowdown in recent weeks, but the delta variable could give it a second wind. Haute Autorité de santé recommends a new vaccination strategy when a variant status is detected.

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L ‘Epidemic from COVID-19 Declining in France, but the situation remains fragile. The number of vaccinations decreased for the first time since the removal of the filter and the arrival of summer. centers vaccination Potions in their hands were found all over France. Go, delta variable in an ambush and already form bunches, as in the Landes where The rate of infection with the virus is twice as high of the national average.

to cut the rug from under it, The Supreme Health Authority (HAS) recommends a new vaccination strategy استراتيجية : “reactive” vaccination. It is the latter that was put into place in Bordeaux a few weeks ago, when an ephemeral vaccine emerged from the ground to vaccinate an entire area of ​​the city, afterAppearance of Dr’A parent of the alpha variant.

Strategy to limit the spread of variables

“Reactive” vaccination was preferred over circular vaccination, which consisted of inoculating direct contacts of an infected person, and then contacts of direct contacts. According to HAS, this strategy is not fast enough. The average incubation time for Covid-19 is about a week, and the first dose of the vaccine works 12 days after it was injected.

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For its part, “reactive” vaccination consists in vaccinating the entire perimeter of an infected person, regardless of whether there is direct contact or not. This means that family members as well as co-workers or classmates must be vaccinated to counter the spread of the variant. This strategy is applied in addition to the always effective “test, alert, protect” triad.

With which vaccines?

However, “reactive” vaccination requires significant logistical resources, as seen in Bordeaux. All players in the vaccination series must mobilize family, professional or school members of the person infected with a variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. HAS insists on the concept of speed, which is essential to the success of the system. It also requires communication and educational efforts to inform people of this strategy and its interests.

Can all vaccines be used for “reactive” vaccination? This can be done depending on the specific variant, but vaccines with mRNA It appears to be more effective than Vaxzevria. FormulaAstraZeneca Not recommended for variator beta for example. Therefore mRNA vaccines will be preferred. If young adolescents over 12 years of age are concerned, they will then get the Comirnaty vaccine for PfizerAnd the Only authorized for this age group by the European Medicines Agency.

This strategy is in response to The emergence of a delta variable What worries epidemiologists and could be a fourth origin mysterious the epidemic if vaccination coverage no longer progressing.

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