On Thursday (August 12, 2021) there was another episode of the action series “Alarm for Cobra 11” on TV. Couldn’t watch the episode? Here’s how to watch the episode “Toss Team 2” again on traditional TV or online.

Alarm for Cobra 11 – Autobahn Police in RDL
Image: Sent by RTL, FUNKE program guides

On Thursday (August 12, 2021) another episode was shown at 9:15 p.m. “Alarm for Cobra 11 – AutoponPolicy on TV “Die. They have an action series RTL Couldn’t watch episode 8 of Season 26 (“The Team 2”)? RTL Media Library TV Now will be helpful here. You will find plenty of TV reports to stream as needed video online after airing. You will usually find the program in the media library after it airs on TV. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all programs. Unfortunately, there will not be a remake on RDL for now on Classic TV.

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“Alarm for Cobra 11” on TV: This is “Toss Team 2”

Motorway Police Over: Semir is in jail, Vicky is no longer a police officer, and Mark, who is pronounced dead, is mistaken for a murderer. Vicky takes this injustice to the campaign against the man who betrayed her boyfriend. She is imprisoned and threatens to die if she does not get dialysis in time. Semir, Kramer, Max and Dana need to find a way to find their partner. (Source: Sent by RTL, FUNKE program guides)

“Alarm for Cobra 11” revolves around the daily work of Detective Chief Investigator Semir Gerkhan.

The German action series “Alarm for Cobra 11” was first aired in 1996 by private broadcaster RTL and revolves around the daily work of Chief Detective Semir Gerkhan, portrayed by Erdogan Atletேயs, who works in the motor hole police. Actors Rene Steinke, Tom Beck and Vincent Kiefer co-starred with Gerkhan. As part of the plot of “Alarm for Cobra 11”, police are searching for the killers and other criminals. Most episodes result in an amazing car chase on the autobahn.

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“Alarm for Cobra 11” on TV: All the information and cast on “Toss Team 2” at a glance

Effect: 8 / Season 26 (“Team 2”)

At: R.D.L.

With: Erdogan Adele, Pia Studsenstein, Jism Emre, Patrick Caluba, Nicholas Wolf, Christopher Patton, Samir Fuchs, Stephen Munster, Inga Birkenfeld and John Henrik Stolberg

Type: Action

FSK: Approved from 12 years old

Year of production: 2021

Long: 60 minutes

In HD: Yes

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