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Volkswagen removes curry from the menu

Singer Nina Hagen has the following sweet motivation: “I’m not a sausage factory.” Hagen was referring here to the inhuman pressure that sometimes burdens artists.

“I’m not a sausage factory” is what VW Group has made headlines recently due to emissions scandals, state aid and high pensions for former board members. It’s a car manufacturer that was recently dubbed “The Mobility Company”. As a consumer, you can expect a lot from a mobility company. For example, environmental friendliness, sustainability and love of animals.

Volkswagen used to have its own pig farm. For example, to meet the huge demand for curry sausages in the canteen. Volkswagen Currybockwurst is still sold today. Even in practical packages of five.

Currywurst production at Volkswagen

Volkswagen Currybockwurst in a practical five-pack.

(Photo: Holger Holmann/picture-alliance/dpa)

However, 62 percent of pork with iodized nitrite salt in synthetic casings does not match the environmental profile of a global company. That’s why Volkswagen has now announced that it will be scrapping its Currybockwurst in the Wolfsburg-branded high-rise canteen. In addition to vegetarian dishes, only fish will be available here soon. Nina Hagen will absolutely love it. She has been a vegetarian since 1982.

Investigative colleagues German news agency I discovered, however, that it will still be available in the future, Currybockwurst at VW. Employees will just have to change the side of the street for them and go to a different company canteen. It shows once again that even as an employee of a mobility company, you have to be one thing above all else: massive mobility.

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