Viral disease: monkeypox: who belongs in the high-risk group and how to protect yourself

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Cases of monkeypox are slowly but surely increasing in Austria. But who is at particular risk of contracting a harmless form of smallpox? What are the symptoms to look for? enlightenment.

1 What is the natural course of monkeypox infection?
Answer: Basically, monkeypox is caused by the pathogen orthopoxvirus simiae. If there is an infection, some skin lesions are formed at the point of entry of the virus into the body, one can also call them pimples. Then the virus spreads in the body and symptoms such as fever, back pain and above all swollen lymph nodes appear. “It’s only later that the lesions spread, which can occur all over the body,” explains Monica Riedelberger-Fritz of the Vienna Miduni Center for Virology in the current episode of Is It Healthy, the Kleine Zeitung medical podcast. The blisters are filled with fluid that has a very high viral load. In the end, crusts form, which subsequently fall off. Then the patient is no longer contagious. The entire process may take up to four weeks.


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