Unidentified body found: billionaire heiress kidnapped while jogging News

Unidentified body found |

Billionaire heiress kidnapped while jogging

Memphis – The alleged perpetrator is in custody – but does not want to reveal the whereabouts of his victim. An unidentified body was found near the abduction site.

Teacher Elisa Fletcher, 34, from Memphis, Tennessee, has disappeared without a trace since Friday. Coming from a wealthy family, she is the granddaughter of billionaire businessman Joseph Urgell III († 80, made tools, among other things).

CCTV footage: Fletcher went for a jog after 4am on Friday

CCTV footage: Fletcher went for a jog after 4am on Friday

Photo: @MEM_PoliceDept / Twitter

According to police, Fletcher was approached by a man while jogging and forced into a black SUV. Officers managed to secure the barges at the scene. On it: the DNA of ex-prisoner Clutha Upstone (38). According to the New York Times, witnesses were said to have seen him in the car. Arrest!

Alleged hijacker: Cleota Upston, 38.

Alleged hijacker: Cleota Upston, 38.

Foto: Shelby County Sheriff’s Office / AP

The Fletcher family offered a reward of $50,000 for information. Her uncle: “We think someone knows what happened and can help.”

Cleutha Upstone was arrested and released from prison in 2001 after serving a sentence for kidnapping a lawyer. Also at that time, he had dragged his victim into the car.

His goal: to withdraw money from the lawyer’s account with the lawyer. A security guard in front of the machine intervened, and Upstone fled, but was caught and convicted shortly thereafter.

More than 21 years later, he appears to have become a repeat offender. After his arrest, Upstone refuses to know anything about the woman’s fate. Investigators found a body near the kidnapping site on Monday evening.

It has not yet been confirmed whether this is braiding or not.


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