The corona virus vaccine is doing well in most parts of the planet. Premiers include Israel, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Unfortunately, the EU is lagging behind. Moreover, the EU countries are now embroiled in a controversy. According to available data, vaccines are not evenly distributed within the union.

Malta, for example, has already vaccinated 251,936 doses per million people. However, the country alone has not released the exact number of vaccines given. But the difference in one million people shows a huge difference. For example, Slovakia, in second place, received 162,000 doses of the vaccine per million people from the European Union.

Overview of vaccines in the EU

On the other hand, at the opposite end of the spectrum is Bulgaria, which has so far received only 64,000 vaccines per million people. This is followed by Latvia with less than 71,000 sizes.

The Czech Republic is in the middle with a population of about 150,000 per million people. According to the opposition and experts, the main problem in the Czech Republic is the inability to vaccinate quickly against the vaccine given. For example, as of Tuesday, March 16, there were 242,623 unused items in the country.

The whole situation is already being resolved by Austrian President Sebastian Kurz. In support of him, Prime Minister Andrzej Babik (yes) flew to Austria on Tuesday.

The EU is defending itself, and individual states must take responsibility for their own problems. Some countries are said to have applied for more vaccines from a different company than other countries. At the same time, companies that make vaccines face production problems. For example, AstraZeneca has announced that it will offer significantly fewer vaccines than promised in the coming weeks.

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