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The Olympic dream of hockey players is on the ice in Pepram. Take him away! |

Photo: Karel Švec, Czech hockey

The Czech hockey players – perhaps with determination – have learned the deadline to qualify for the upcoming Winter Olympics in Beijing.

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The Czech women’s national team, led by new coach Tome Pacina, will focus on the World Cup, which takes place from May 6 to 16 in the Canadian cities of Halifax and Troy. Hockey players have made significant progress in recent years and will be looking to make the primary progress to the semifinals in the championship.

However, their biggest sporting dream takes a different form. By participating in the Olympics in Beijing they will be able to meet it in eleven months, where ten teams will go for the first time instead of eight. As for sex, it means they have a great opportunity to play under five circles for the first time in history.

The Govt-19 epidemic gradually postponed qualifying matches. The International Hockey Federation has now announced the latest data, which should not change. Although we can not yet consider anything one hundred percent sure …

??? The girls will be at the World Cup! 6.-16 to. 5. In the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, the world …

Posted by Czech women’s hockey team Ann Thursday, March 4, 2021

The qualifying cycle will begin in Iceland in August, with one opening round of the opening round and three October rounds of the October round reaching the finals, which will take place from 11 to 14 November 2021 in three groups.

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The Czech national team will run one of them on home snow. The Hockey Association has already confirmed the previously announced venue to the International Federation: the Group C match will actually take place in Pepram, central Bohemia, where the most successful club in the history of the domestic women’s tournament is located.

Competitors of the Czech exam, to whom he belongs IIHF Ranking The best seventh place would be the twelfth Hungarians, the thirteenth Norway and the worst ranked team, advancing from the previous stage. No one can be superior to the 18th Dutch.

The winner of the tournament will advance to the Olympics, as well as the winners of the other two teams playing simultaneously in Germany and Sweden. The top six teams in the rankings, namely the United States, Canada, Finland, Russia, Switzerland and Japan, and China, the organizers, are already determined to participate in Beijing.

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On the other hand, the men’s qualifying cycle began long before the epidemic broke out, with only the final round to play. His groups will be hosting treats in Slovakia, Latvia and Norway from August 26 to 29.

The winners of the teams will also complete Canada, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic, the United States, Germany, Switzerland and China at the Olympics.

Men’s Olympic Qualifying Groups

Final Round (August 26-29, 2021)

Group D (Bratislava): Slovakia, Belarus, Austria, Poland
Group E (Riga): Latvia, France, Italy, Hungary
Group F (Norway): Norway, Denmark, South Korea, Slovenia

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Women’s Olympic qualifying teams

Round 1 (August 26-29, 2021)

Skupina J (Reikovic): Iceland, Hong Kong, Bulgaria, Lithuania

Round 2 (October 7-10, 2021)

Skupina F (Kong): South Korea, Great Britain, Slovenia, Winner Sk. J.
Group G (Tore Belize): Italy, Kazakhstan, Spain, Taiwan
Skupina H (Poland): Netherlands, Poland, Mexico, Turkey

Final Round (November 11-14, 2021)

Group C (February): Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Norway, poor progress
Scopina D (Fusen): Germany, Denmark, Austria, 2nd best improvement
Group E (Sweden): Sweden, France, Slovakia, excellent progress

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