Unreason turned into sheet metal: Brabus G 900 Rocket - a force of nature

The absurd turned sheet metal
Brabus G 900 Rocket – A Force of Nature

The Mercedes G-Class is probably not the first car that comes to mind when talking about sports cars. However, the Graz Square is a favorite of many tuners. With the G 900 Rocket Edition, the Brabus auto tuner now takes it all to the extreme.

These forces are known only to the forces of nature: landslides, avalanches, and spring tides come to mind when you first get behind the wheel of a Brabus G 900 Rocket Edition. Although it weighs 2.5 tons and is as streamlined as an outboard container, the angular classic is faster than the ego of some Porsche drivers thanks to its very special strength-training program: just a small square in the back of the rearview mirror, the two smiling with button eyes with bright LED lights Glittering after only a few seconds, so fat and fill the shape through the rear window all you have to do is escape into the right lane.


If you see a Brabus G 900 missile on the road, it is most likely from the rear.

(Photo: Brabus)

“Take a seat, I come now” is the clear message of this heavy buzz, which seems to disregard the laws of nature as well as concern for the climate, the trend toward electricity or the alleged fascination with cars. Because apparently there are still enough fans and fanatics who invest the value of a country house in the irrationality that has turned into a paradox on wheels and turn at least 570 thousand euros into Bottrop. And a lot of customers shouldn’t be excited about the Rocket version – after all, Brabus doesn’t want to build more than 25 cars.

Entirely to the max

If you get one of them, you get an off-road vehicle that Brabus took to the extreme three years after the last generation makeover. While the official 585-hp G 63 isn’t quite as skinny and Brabus already sells the 800-hp G800, the engineers at Bottrop have repackaged their biggest power and extracted it under the hood: With a V8 drilled up to 4.5 liters the Rocket has been converted. , which is based on the four-door GT, to the “Rocket Edition” of the G-Class, which has 900 horsepower and 1,250 Nm of maximum torque, making Olympus an off-road vehicle by storm.


You don’t see the Brabus G 900 Rocket’s illuminated side tubes every day.

(Photo: Brabus)

G still babbles from two glowing, red-lit tubes softly and peacefully like a Riva yacht on the shores of Lake Como. No wonder, so far the eight pots were off. But as soon as the little toe touches the throttle, he begins a feat of power rarely seen on the road. Although traction problems are a foreign word for G drivers, the car vibrates deeply and the huge cylinders rub against the asphalt for a dangerous long time until the 2.5-ton truck catapults.

While navigating at speeds up to 280 km/h

Even if you cannot fully use the maximum torque in relation to the fragile machine and must be satisfied with 1050 Nm, the primitive dinosaur accelerates to 100 km / h in 3.7 seconds and does not allow itself to slow down by reason. Where the hustle and bustle of the AMG stops at 240 km/h, the massive Bottrop rocket flies at up to 280 km/h over the runway, which Brabus rented specifically for a test drive.


The most beautiful place in the Brabus G 900 Rocket is, of course, the place behind the wheel.

(Photo: Brabus)

But Brabus would not be Brabus if only the engine was concerned, a modified chassis and brakes were added, which can also curb this load again. Brabus also takes the look of the G-Class and puts the classic angled in a carbon-coated military armor that grabs everyone’s attention with sills and spoilers. The fact that the boundaries of good taste are – well – a bit stretched out is something that self-promoters have to accept.

You can argue about style

And they hit the interior more thoroughly than the Maybach itself did in Stuttgart. Of course you can argue about the style, and some may be reminded of the luxury car’s studio-chic by dark leather with red stitching now alternating with glossy carbon on the whole, but in fact all consoles. But the G-Class has yet to be refined with more ingenuity.


In the end, the Brabus 900 Rocket engine, as the name suggests, is a ride on the rocket.

(Photo: Brabus)

And even if the most attractive place in this car is the front left, Brabus showed a flip of the rear and installed two luxurious single seats there. Folding work tables are hopelessly unnecessary because you can’t think clearly when you’re riding a rocket anyway. But drinks chilled from the center console do no harm, just like looking at the extra hardware on the headliner. So you not only know what happened in the watch, but also why the world can only be seen in Schlieren.

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