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This makes the singer really sad

Pietro Lombardi has been in the show business since winning the DSDS in 2011. imago / riverphoto

In fact, everything is currently going according to plan at Pietro Lombardi. The beloved singer moved into a new dream house and just released his new summer song “Ti Amo”, which received a lot of encouragement on Instagram. However, the 2011 DSDS winner is furious. Reason: Petro car!

Pietro Lombardi: …Then I lose faith in humanity

As Pietro Lombardi reported on his Instagram story with a noticeably angry voice, someone tampered with his car. “Something stole from me – my star in the Mercedes,” Lombardi explained, then indignantly pushed him: “I don’t understand people. If I park my car on a public street, the star disappears – crazy!”

By the way, Petro covered the ugly hole with a poster from Icecream-United – the ice cream shop owned by Lukas Podolski and himself. “It fits like a fist on the eye. I don’t need a star,” he joked and then twisted the joke further: “At least leave the label. If you take this from me too, I will lose my faith in humanity.”

Pietro Lombardi has a lot to do: new song, kids birthday party, video release

But the mourning of Pietro did not last long, because the singer was busy organizing a celebration for the birthday of his son Alessio VI despite the heat, which was a big problem for him, and of course also busy organizing his new promotional song. He keeps reposting his fans’ Instagram stories as they dance to his new hit. By the way, not only simple fans but also many celebrities took part in the “Ti amo” challenge launched by Pietro. Including international Philippe Max who has not been appointed to the European Championship.

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And then the “Ti amo” video appeared on Sunday. In it, Pietro dances as a sort of television “bachelor” among eleven women—most of whom look undeniably similar to his ex-wife Sarah Engels—through a luxury hotel complex, on a golf course and on a boat.

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However, in the end, the punch line comes, because preparing The Bachelor for the video turned out to be a dream come true. After 90 minutes, the video has already been viewed more than 33,000 times on YouTube and has racked up more than 5,000 likes.


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