Home Economy Twitter crushes story format again after just 8 months

Twitter crushes story format again after just 8 months

Twitter crushes story format again after just 8 months

Less than a year later, the self-destructing messages on Twitter are over. Instead, group voice chats should get more attention from August.

When Twitter introduced its new Fleets format last November, many users didn’t know what to think. It’s very clear that Fleets was a copy of the story feature on Instagram and Snapchat: a place for fleeting thoughts, spontaneous snapshots, or quick discussions that disappear after 24 hours. But what worked on other platforms seemed misplaced on Twitter from the start.

The coordination was clearly not good with the users either. Effective August 3, and thus only about eight months after being introduced, fleets will be disappearing again, as befits Twitter on Wednesday Posted by Tweet has: “Sorry or you’re welcomeThat being said – referring to the fact that many users didn’t want the feature from the start.

In fact, there were already indications at the start of the year that fleets weren’t the big hit. a The poll came to the conclusion at that timeOnly 43 percent of all active Twitter users in the US know what fleets actually are. Less than eight percent had tried the job themselves at that time. Among those who knew the format but had not used it, half said they did not want to post this type of content on Twitter.

we You have a gehope that fleets It will help more people feel comfortable on Twitter,” says Elijah Brown, Twitter’s Vice President of Product, who is now at Opinion. But in the time since the introduction, one had no hope above From Peoplen He was seen participating in conversations with Fleets. Just last month I had Twitter Tried ads inside fleets.

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As of August 3, users should see Twitter Spaces above the timeline in the app: the clubhouse clone, which enables group chats with audio. It remains to be seen if Spaces will attract more people. The Clubhouse is currently suffering from decreasing user numbers, while Twitter and Twitter are suffering Facebook with Hotline And the I replied with the talk Offer similar products.

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