Slippers from Aldi-Süd: Discounter wants to become a cult with

Aldi-Süd . Slippers
Dexter Wants To Become A Cult With ‘Delete’

Adilette was yesterday, and now comes ‘Aldilette’ 2.0: fans can now show off their color with matching slippers and socks in an Aldi Süd design. Limited merchandise will be available in stores starting Thursday.

With its iconic plastic slippers and logo socks, Aldi-Süd literally puts the brand under its customers’ feet. Under the heading “Aldimania – your new style”, the discount offers a kind of mini-group for prestigious fans. Sock packaging is available for 99 cents, and according to Aldi, the Adilettes, which are produced in a climate-friendly manner, are available in different colors and designs for 2.99 euros.

The brand’s inexpensive feel isn’t entirely innovative: Aldi Nord and rival Lidl immortalized their logo in a limited fashion collection a year ago. At the end of April this year, Aldi UK launched its campaign for the Aldimania collection, which ranged from underwear to sportswear to hoodies. In southern Germany, the show will not be abundant.

However, the discount can hope for huge sales. When brother Aldi Nord and rival Lidl had “limited editions” in their line of products, the it-pieces sold out so quickly that they were sold out multiple times by bargain hunters on Ebay. Even now you can still find “Lidlletten” for more than 50 euros and sneakers discounted at more than 500 euros on the platform. Perhaps it’s proof that low-cost discounts have made it to Olympus of cult brands — at least among their most loyal fans.

In order to put its brand in the right light, it seems that Aldi relies primarily on the charisma of other brands. The recipe for the discount is: Take the iconic ‘Adilette’ and the famous Nike slogan ‘Just do it’ and turn it into ‘Aldilette’ and the UK campaign slogan ‘Aldi’s just do it’. A humorous swipe at the best of established dogs: Adidas, Nike and Co.

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